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One I wrote because I was feeling old.
My brain's not quite as good as it was
when I was just twenty-one,
and trying to fix some household things
has turned out to be quite fun.
I take a look, then sit and think,
but the solutions just don't come.
It's like a burned out light bulb
in a comic strip to some.

Twenty-two years since twenty-one
and I just can't figure it out,
I thought with age we all got wiser,
gaining knowledge is what life's about.
Now I feel like a worn out shoe
with tatters and tears all around,
and just like the holes in old swiss cheese;
the lapses in memory abound.

I guess it's something we just can't stop
this thing we call getting old,
but life is always worth living,
with a family who treats you like gold.

I intentionally spelled aging with an alternative spelling as part of the getting old gag. To date, only one person has mentioned the switch.

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