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....a realisation.
Time is a valuable thing!
There is so much to see, so many experiences to be had, so many people to meet and so many destinations to be explored. All this in the world, yet we all are afraid to venture for fear of risking our lives that we have cocooned in a bubble with no room for change.
Money and the debate of whether to leave family and friends, is the hardest hurdle to jump when choosing what you pursue in life. Despite these, you have to think large, and think to yourself ‘This is my life” and if you want it bad enough you will chase and catch your dreams and when you do ... hold on to them tight and fulfil them to the max. You only get one shot!
Everyone is so caught up in their work driven routinely lives that they forget to LIVE. You must and always take time out to just relax, spend time with loved ones and just have fun!
My dream is to get out of the UK and live and Australia and learn to surf. Now, what is currently holding me back at this stage in my life is my family and money. I am 17 in college with the goal of going to university and I have so many dreams and ambitions that I want to pursue.
However, at this stage there is so much pressure and so many orders being given to me that I have no time to do what I want to do. Therefore, I have made a promise to myself that when my further education has finished, I am going to buy a ticket and head off to Australia with nothing and no-one holding me back.
This may seem naive but when I put my mind on something, I will do it.
We all should take an oath and say ‘No-one will come between me and my dreams’.
PLEASE…..for the sake of your future JUST LIVE! Otherwise you will spend all your later life regretting and thinking ‘what could have been’.
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