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2 kids that couldnt live without each other but have to face the truth
"Jeremy, hurry up!" Ashley yelled.

We were all trying to choose dresses (not Jeremy of course) for ourselves. My cousin's house we were staying at had a very large closet and just so happened to have very many dresses she was going to give away, so she was going to let us take any we wanted. The colors ranged from blue to tangerine in our wide pick. Finally I chose a loose royal blue one with a hawaiian flower for my ear. Ashley's was a deep purple with stitching down the side.

Taking a break, I walked outside in my bathing suit to swim in the large lake behind the houses of the neighborhood.

"Come on, guys, I'm getting cold out here!" I said loudly after a few minutes waiting.

Sighing, I looked around and examined the view. Houses were lined up along the edge of the lake and we were the very last on the string of houses. My cousin's only neighbor had a wall with just windows showing one room.

Then a boy walked into the room and was picking up things when he suddenly turned to me. For a second I thought I recognized him and he waved vigorously through the window with a huge smile on his face. Then he disappeared through the door and ran through the front toward me. I realized who it was in an instant-Kyler! I hadn't seen him all summer and probably wouldn't have seen him ever again, since he went to high school now and I was only in the eigth grade. I felt a strange joy in me because our relationship was limited to a smile in the hall or a laugh together at one of his practical jokes. But deep inside, I knew there was something special about him and a secret I could never tell...

Then he ran up to me and said," Hey!" and I replied the same. "I can't believe you're here! We're just taking a vacation!" He told me. "Yeah!" I said, speechless.

We both turned and looked toward the sun, still quite high in the sky, but beginning to set. Then he said, "So, uh, what are you doing here?"

" I'm staying here with my cousin for the holidays. How long are you gonna, um, be here?"

"Me to! Well, I'm staying here until the end of the holidays also."

"Cool!" I said and Justin, Ashley and Jeremy's midget twin, came out of Kyler's house.

"Hey Hannah! Will you throw me into the lake? Over in the deep end?" Justin said, ruining our moment.

"Sure..." I said.

"You can really throw him into the lake?" Kyler said in amazement.

"Yeah, I've done it loads of times."

"Wow...well, were you going to swim?" Kyler said, apparently seeing me in my bathing suit and holding a towel, as he was in his.

"Oh, yeah, I was. I'm just waiting for Ashley and Jeremy...Gosh, they're taking a long time..."

Then they walked out right when I was saying that, all ready to get in.

" Ok, who's first?" He said proudly. "Ok then... me!" And jumped into the lake.

I slowly got in, but once totally submerged Kyler unknowingly got behind me and tapped my right shoulder(and of course I always fall for that one...) And smiled as I looked right and then left, finding him. I shook my head with a grin on my face and swam away to Ashley.

"Oooooh!" Ashley said in a very curious way.

"Shut up!" I said jokingly and turned to see Kyler in a curious device that floats and holds two people in each side. You hook yourself in under the arms and kick to move.

He motioned me to come over and get in it(which I did). After a while, however, it started to feel unstable. I got out, but he was stuck. The device, to my horror, started sinking! I tried to lift it as he attempted to get himself out, but to no advantage. Scared as I was, it started to pull him under with it to the bottom of the 20 feet deep lake. I called for help and told Ashley from afar to get help, but I knew it wouldn't reach him in time.

I suddenly thought about my babysitting class I took where I learned CPR. I took a huge breath and dove underwater to him. Mastering my fear of opening my eyes underwater, I swam like no other. The fear and worry had escaped me and I felt full responsibility on his life. The tightened object on his waist wouldn't loosen no matter hard we tried, though. I thought of an idea I had learned from a movie and began to pump air into his lungs. Thinking of nothing but keeping him alive, I swam up and took in an even larger breath. Then, as he was once again almost out of air, he breathed in as much as he could and we worked on unsticking him from the dangerous device. Finially it released him and he wormed his way out to get air.

Then I tried to swim with him, as we were almost free of this tradgedy, but another problem stormed on me. My limbs became immovable, my eyes were getting black, and my lungs were running out of air. I couldn't move anything and hoped he would notice I wasn't coming up. I struggled for what seemed like hours and hoped with all my might someone would see me. I began to sink into the darkness. Water was filling up my lungs and I thought I would definetly die, with the last joy of knowing that I saved a life. But then, as if prayers were answered, the last thing I saw was his determined face coming to save my life.

With voices all around me, I opened my eyes and saw his face with people and Meds all around him, staring at me.

"Hannah, are you okay?" He said with a worried tone.

I smiled and said,"Yeah, I'm alright. What about you?"

"I'm fine, thanks to you. You saved my life!"

"And you mine." I said, thinking of him as the one that actually kept me from dying. Then I coughed up a bit of water to the side and tried to get up, but my body felt like pounds of lead. He helped me stand up and I leaned on my friends over to the fountain and stared with happiness. He walked over to me and all my friends left us alone.

"Thanks." I said.

"Well you did the real thing. I just helped."

"Well... sure." I said and smiled.

He smiled back and I felt a much stronger connection between us.

Then my vision started to fade away and I began to hear clarinet blowing and see my room and at the same time I realized, no matter how wonderful it was- it was just a dream.

This really was just a dream I had... I hope you enjoyed it though it wasn't very long. I'm not the most talented writer though, so any ratings or reviews are greatly appreciated!

written 8-1-07

age 13
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