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My thoughts on religion and it's role in society.
I'm sitting here right now, really just thinking about everything in the world. Particularily, religion and it's place in our society.

          God might be there, he might not. We'll only have to wait and see. Howver, even if he is, I don't think we give whatever created us enough credit. It seems to me that we're all trapped in the essence of fate. Our creator has given us a life to live out, and there is no changing it. There are all of these different religions with different explanantions of how we all got here. But who knows for sure? It seems as though our creator is humoring himself with how foolish we all are. He gives us so much room to believe, and we all seem so set in our ways. Everything may be planned out, but the creator made one crucial mistake. He gave us all the ability to dream. I think that this is where is humor is created. Our dreams can be anything, however we confine them to please whatever created us so he won't be upset. How can he not laugh at us? We're set in our ways, and people believe that. So why not try to steer away from that for a little bit? Maybe your path doesn't end up happily ever after like you might think. So dream.

        With the ability to dream coems the ability to question, which is something he tries to veer us away from even though he ultimatley knows that he can't. It's a shame really.

          We have this ability to dream ourselves away from the fate that lay before us, but instead we just shuffle by never really thinking about it.

        Even if we are all in fact tappen in the creator's box of fate, we should dream ourselves away from him to notice the simple things in life, and also even, to tick him off a little and question his power.
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