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by Lauren
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Sharks In the depths of the ocean.
          Sharks are peaceful creatures. Some may bite people. Others may mind their own buisness. Not all sharks are fond of humans but the ones who are are only looking for a quick meal.
        For one- The Bull Shark. The bull shark is very aggresive. The Bull Shark has a rare habitat. It can ajust to freshwater or saltwater. Beacuse of this sharks have been seen, caught or found dead in the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. It has also been found in ponds with rapids because it would jump the rapid in a way like salmon do. This sharks looks a little different too. It has two dorsal fins, one on each side of its body. It has a small eye and is grey on the top side of is body and white on the underside. Males can grow up to 7ft long and females can grow to 11.4 ft on an average scale. Males normaly weigh 90kg and females can weigh 230kg.
        For another- The Tiger Shark. The Tiger Shark is not know in many shark attacks. The Tiger Shark is a calmer shark. I tlives in tropical and sub-tropical areas and has been found in areas of warm water. Since Tiger Sharks are calmer if you went diving to one on the bottom you could gently strok it and even turn it over to tickle its stomach. Tiger Sharks can vary in length from 3 to 5 meters. Their color can vary from a bluish or greenish grey to a dirty yellow or white. A race in the Caribbean has described them as a beautiful shiny black on top and a polished white color on the underside. 
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