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Two lovers entwined in a never-fading passion.
The Passion’s Amaranth
An original short by: Steven Michael Jester

Caress the one, the Never-Fading
Rain in your heart - the tears of snow-white sorrow
Caress the one, the hiding amaranth
In a land of the daybreak
” – Nightwish Amaranth

         The darkened halls of the coed building were filled by noisy, cautious footsteps. A young man and an equally young woman converged upon a dorm-room door, each with a curious glance. “Rachel? Have you seen Harry?” the young man said as soon as he recognized the young woman’s pointed face and red curls.

         “Last I knew Harry and Naomi had a date after their last final but I haven’t heard from Naomi yet,” Rachel said as she turned and looked at the door they had met in front of. Printed on the white board hung on the teal door were the words ‘Do Not Disturb.’ “I think we found them, Evan.” She thumbed in the direction of the door.

         The dark skinned athlete turned to the door and read the makeshift sign. “Them? You mean Harry and Naomi?” Evan’s baritone voice rang out in disbelief.

         A low moan escaped the confines of the room. Rachel just nodded her head and smiled, “You need any more convincing?”

         “Nope,” Evan quipped before turning around heading back towards his room.

         “Hey what are you doing?” Rachel said following him down the hall.


         Meanwhile in the dorm-room Rachel and Evan just left, the midnight-blue light of the winter’s moon flooded the small room through the large window opposite the door. The room was spare except for a desk, an occupied bed in front of the window, and a dresser next to the bed. Silhouetted against the snowy midnight background of the window sat a young man, his shoulders broad and his body made of aesthetically lean muscle. His long hair flowed into a neat, thin ponytail down to the middle of his back where permanently drawn into his skin was the kanji “fumetsu,” meaning immortal, was. In his passionate embrace was a beautiful woman, a couple of months younger than him, who was returning his kiss fervently. She was wearing thin frame glasses even though her eyes were closed in passion. The tips or her dark hair brushed her shoulders. In the small of her back the kanji “ai” meaning love was similarly etched into her skin. The woman wrapped her arms around her lover’s neck as their kiss deepened, her moans increasing in frequency. Their passion just warming up the man pulled back and stared into the serene blue pools of his lover’s eyes. “Are you sure about this, Naomi?” his voice squeaked out, a tinge of blush visible on his face beneath the new growing stubble.

         Naomi gave a timid nod. “Please be gentle, Harry,” her mousey voice whispered barely above the din of silence. Unlike her lover, Naomi’s face betrayed a large blush that mixed with the dark light and her deep eyes to create the perfect picture of waning innocence.

         Harry nodded adding to his conviction, “You are my never-fading flower. You are around as long as I don’t crush you and remove your beauty from this plane of existence. Of course I’ll be gentle.”

         Naomi let loose a stifled row of giggles before saying, “That’s so silly.”

         “Hey, at least I’m trying to make this romantic,” Harry said with a faux-dignified air.

         Naomi just rolled her eyes as she swung her legs on to the bed. She laid down on the hard bed; the thin white sheet was all that separated her from the mattress. Harry laid next to her and they kissed again this time however the boy let his hands roam across the girl’s petite curves. Naomi moaned into their kiss as his hands brushed against her breasts. They separated as Harry played with one small mound of flesh in his hands. “They aren’t too small – are they?” she asked timidly.

         “They’re perfect,” he said as he moved lower. He gently let his mouth suck on the nipple of one breast while his fingers rubbed the other. As he continued, Harry took in the scent of Naomi’s perfume, an exotic mix of vanilla and cherry. It invigorated his senses so much that his cock throbbed with anticipation with every breath he took.

         Harry continued his ministrations but allowed his unoccupied hand travel further down her minute frame. His hands gently brushed her petite hips. He caressed her side back and forth, memorizing her subtle, narrow curves.  He slowly dipped his hand lower, resting it on Naomi’s legs. He caressed the outside of her thigh. He started to kiss his way down her toned stomach while still stroking the soft skin of her leg taking in that intoxicating scent with each breath. Soon Harry came to a thin patch of hair just above her entrance. He looked up and gave Naomi a look, a small unsaid plea of continuance. Naomi looked at him and instantly nodded. He situated himself for better access and she spread her legs, her moist, shaven slit glistening in the moonlight.

         Harry started slowly, placing his hand on the inside of her left thigh stroking her inner thigh. All the while he took in the sight of her treasure, he longed for it so. He leaned in closer; he could smell Naomi’s sweet nectar. He started to feel her swollen lips. She moaned as he tentatively parted the petals of her flower with his finger. Harry slid his finger into the moist opening and smiled as she moaned more. He pushed forward and gently licked her folds. His tongue teasingly slipped past her treasure’s curtains as he lapped up her sweet nectar. She tasted of that sweet cherry he smelled earlier, his mind reeling in the intoxication. After a few tentative moments where he thought she was going to snap Harry pulled back and looked into Naomi’s eyes. His heart was a flutter, and his cock engorged with his feelings of lust— no, love. “W-what position do you want to start with?”

         Naomi reassured him with a smile, “Don’t worry; we’re both new to this.” She flipped over onto her stomach and got on her hands and knees showing her warm, inviting pussy to Harry again.

         “Why’d you say that?” Harry asked as he situated himself behind her, steadying his hard shaft in his hand.

         “Because you were getting nervous again,” Naomi said as she spread her legs a little, the dew from her slit dripping onto the bed. “I’m the one who’s supposed to be nervous!”

         Harry chuckled before quickly grabbing the rubber from the dresser next to the bed and sliding it on. He put the tip of his cock at Naomi’s entrance and waited there a second. The scene outside grew more intense as it started to snow harder. Harry slid the head past her pussy’s lips and felt a woman’s warmth for the first time. Harry felt Naomi tense up, as he brushed up against a fleshy barrier and stopped. He reared before thrusting full force. Naomi gasped in pain as Harry broke through her innocence. The petals of her flower were split forever. Harry stayed motionless, thinking that one small move would hurt his Naomi more. “Are you ok?” he asked, concern in his voice. Soon she just gave a simple nod and he steadied himself. He pulled back and relished in the tight friction. Harry thrust into her again, this time gently.

         A small gasp emanated from her mouth. He panted in time with his thrusts. Harry’ balls grew tighter with each push into Naomi’s pussy. He fought for control, his mind blowing from the intoxication of the pleasure he felt. She gasped and moaned as he filled her, their joining all but complete. Harry struggled to control himself, the sweet smell of Naomi’s juices leaking on to his legs mixing with her cherry and vanilla perfume. Without warning he moaned as his cock erupted inside of her prematurely, his seed trapped inside the rubber protection. He groaned as he pulled out, noticing the small smear of blood on the latex.

         Naomi spun around and pouted with the cuteness that Harry had come to adore. “Can you go—?”

         “What about you?” he said more concerned about her.

         They both looked between her legs and noticed that a trickle of blood oozed out of her entrance. Naomi giggled, trying to put Harry at ease. “Weren’t you paying attention in that health class you took this semester? This happens when a girl is stripped of her virginity.”

         “Well, sorry Miss four-point-oh!” he retorted as he took the used condom off of his semi-hard shaft.

         “Well, can you—?”

         Harry answered Naomi’s unfinished question by slamming his lips on top of hers in a passionate kiss. He guided her back down onto the bed and he caressed her breasts. They inched closer to each other, every inch of their bodies touching. Naomi rolled onto her back, bringing Harry with her. She spread her legs and grinded her warmth against Harry’s soft cock. Harry growled seductively as his body tensed for yet another round. Soon enough Harry’s shaft had regained its hardness, and almost slipped into Naomi. Harry caught himself and backed away long enough to grab a new rubber and slide it on. Harry smiled and said, “This time I’m going to make you cum.”

         Further warning abolished, Harry slammed his hips down and pounded into Naomi. “N-nn- oh that feels so good,” she said as his thrusts gained speed. He just grunted in response. Harry switched into autopilot, his cock strained against Naomi’s tight walls. His mind whirled as he smelt her scent again, driving his passion more.  “N—nn-” She let loose a small moan. Harry’s body took that moan in and his resolved wavered. He tried to hold it but he couldn’t. His body racked with more spasms and he poured his seed into the protection. Harry pushed forward, trying hard to get Naomi to cum. She moaned, “Oh, God!” Harry couldn’t take any more and he rolled off of her and collapsed next to her.

         She relaxed and he collapsed beside her. They lay still for a few moments, each basking in their afterglow. He turned to his side and asked, “So, did you cum?”

         “No, but I was close,” Naomi said smiling. Her soft hands reached between Harry’s legs and she started to stroke his cock.

         Harry sat up and looked at the dresser. One more rubber sat there tempting him to use it, to ravage Naomi until his needs were fulfilled. He grabbed it and said, “You up for one more?” Naomi jumped out of the bed. She sauntered through the room. She stopped in front of the desk where her purse laid. She put her glasses away and pulled out a black silk blindfold. Harry sat up in the bed and stroked his soft cock in his hand. Naomi started to dance a seductive dance, her hands moving up and down her sweat soaked body. Naomi soon noticed he was getting hard again. She positioned herself next to the wall and motioned for her lover to come over. “God, I’m dating a freak!” Harry snickered as he walked over to the wall.

         Naomi smirked with seduction in her eyes before backing up to the wall. “This is a sign of trust,” she said as she winked. She put on the blindfold, covering her seductive blue eyes. “I want you to hold me so you are supporting my weight against the wall.”

         “And the blindfold means you trust me to do as you ask?” Harry said as he walked over kneeled down. He reached between her legs, each hand resting above a butt cheek.

         Naomi nodded as Harry picked her up. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her legs resting on his shoulders. “When you think I’m about to cum I want you to carry me to the bed and ravage me until you release.”

         Harry nodded, even though he knew she couldn’t see. He struggled as he lowered Naomi into position. Shifting his grip, he slid his rubber-coated cock into her slit. She moaned a soft moan and he began hammering her against the cold white wall. His grunts became more animalistic as he let loose his wilder side. She whimpered as her hot body pounded against the cold wall. The friction of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy made Harry’s mind blow again. He could smell Naomi’s arousal, feel her pussy twitching against his shaft, hear her mind blowing whimpers as he ravaged her.

         Harry felt Naomi’s pussy tighten. He lifted her from the wall and carried her to the bed. His tempo changed and he thrust into her with ferocity. It only took a few seconds before he moaned, “Oh God, I’m cumming!” and he emptied his load again.

         He collapsed again onto the bed and smiled as he took off the rubber and she took off the blindfold. “Oh that was good.” Harry started to snuggle against Naomi’s soft skin as he panted from his latest release. After a few minutes of snuggling he felt a hand grab his cock and stroke it. “Baby, we don’t have any more. What about you—”

         “I don’t care,” she said as she got on her hands and knees and started to rub her lover’s lean stomach, “I just want one more. I didn’t cum.”

         “You sure?” he asked, stunned that she didn’t cum. “What if you get pregnant?”

         “I’ll manage, please?”

         Harry’s resolve melted as Naomi gave him her cutest pout. He relaxed on the bed, “Ok, but remember you asked for it.”

         Naomi smirked before kissing his hard chest. Her hands explored Harry’s body, reaching between his legs and stroking his length. She kissed a trail of sensual kisses down his toned body. She stopped once her head reached between his legs, his shaft limp against his legs. She could smell his musky scent, the smell of sex emanating from him. Taking his cock in her hands she stroked it, handling it with extreme care. She hesitated before inching close enough to lick the tip, sharing a seductive glance with him. She lowered her head and sucked on the shaft, feeling it grow for the finale. She tasted the salty sweat and the musk of his seed. Naomi’s pussy moistened anew as his cock hardened.  She released his cock and bit her lower lip. “I need you now, more than ever.” Her desire of love resonated in her voice.

         “Baby, you sure you want this?” he asked again.

         She didn’t answer; instead switching positions so she now lay on her back, her legs spread wide exposing her moist pussy.

         “Fine, I’ll give you what you want.” Harry slipped between her legs again and placed the tip of his uncovered shaft at Naomi’s entrance.

         “Thank you,” she said before he slid into her pussy. She arched her back and moaned louder than ever. Naomi felt every delectable inch of Harry’s cock fill her and her body craved it like a drug. Harry leaned in and covered Naomi, pushing her legs up around his shoulders. Naomi moaned, “Oh, God.” Her body shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure smashed against a dam in her belly. She wrapped her arms around Harry, scratching his back as her hands roamed his muscular back. His face was close to hers; she smelt his minty aftershave. “Oh, n—nn—” she whimpered, her body straining under her tensing passion.

         Naomi felt Harry start to buckle; a fleeting though that he was going to cum crossed her mind. He started to chant under his breath, “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

         At first she couldn’t hear what he said, her own moans drowning it out. When she finally heard it, it almost sent her over the edge. Naomi arched her back again, her eyes shot open and she whimpered, “Harry! Oh, God!! I love you!”

         Harry couldn’t hold it in, he thrust to the hilt and screamed, “Naomi!”

         The dam inside Naomi broke as Harry’s seed exploded from his shaft into her womb. Naomi moaned loudly, her pussy milking every last drop of Harry’s seed from his cock. Naomi held Harry there for a long time, her orgasm coursing through her body. Naomi let Harry go and he finally collapsed next to Naomi, his angel. Naomi finally snuggled against Harry, a smile spread across her face.

         And in the window a small red flower in a planter stood in the midnight-blue moonlight unfading.


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