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A short story on me. By Allie [zephyr@writing.com]
Hannah is a Bananah. She likes to eat cheese [yes Sam, she likes cheese too] This is a strange storry and her mom just walked in and is talking to us, but Hannah isn't listening as intently as she should. BAD GiRL! Hah, that sucks for you. Now, moving on. She She plays the drums, but not the real drums yet. She's getting the real drums soon and is putting them in her bedroom. [She thinks she is soooooo much better than Sam. Others would disagree or agree, I really don't know] She is, no offence, very slow. In the bathroom, and eating, and lots of other stuff, and she admits she used to be very dorky. Oh well, weren't we all. She's going to get braces [again] and a tooth pulled. Hahahaha, doesn't that suck for her? Also she's getting bone graphing, EW! They are going to take part of her small hip and put it in her mouth. [She wants to know if her small hip is a complement. Right now, ....sure] Anyway, about her childhood, she was born with a cleft lip and was a doofus as a child. I met her when I was four, [we were probably still in dipers! Hahaha JK] Anyway, she was very...offbeat as you could say. Now that she's 13, a real teenager, she's changed a great deal. We would never have know Hannah wanted a myspace or aim, or even become a woman [If you know what I mean]. So, now she and I will be going to 8th grade, how exciting! Not really...We are going to have toMURDER Vanna because she is a fatboii swann and she must bow down to us, including Morgan and Ariel and Sam because we are Jews. [No offence, it is just an inside joke from South Park, we apologize.] Now, we are about to go to a little annoy sister's and brother's school picnic even thought it is summer and school won't start for almost a month. I, Allie, shall be protraying her cousin [Which I am sad to say, I am not]. We will be leaving our poor Ashley friend behind, but hopefully she will sleepover with me. I plan on jumping on the tranpoline with Hannah and Ashley, and we shall jump very very very high and almost die. Hannah has no idea and right now she is trying to murder Hope, her little sister. Sadly, Hope just turned off the computer [Thankfully not this one] So we have to go because the internet might shut down and I would lose all this work and I would be very pissed off. Goodbye!

With Love to Hannah Bananah My Very Best Sister-Like Friend,
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