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This is just a scene from my story 'Awaysick'. Please read and tell me what you think!
Hey! :] Phew, well... This is a scene from my story 'Awaysick', which I'm in the process of writing RIGHT NOW (aargh!). Lol, anyway, please read the outline of 'Awaysick' that's also up and then tell me if you like this scene! I know it's silly to post a scene that's kinda halfway through the book, but I'm writing different chapters at different times, and this one was my absolute favourite to write so far. Though, the first chapters are coming... Aw, I really hope someone likes it! Lol, I'm such a rambler.
So, if you've read the outline, this is the scene in which Thomas has just found Cokey and Stephen kissing out the front of the restaurant. Also, the restaurant's name has been changed from 'Dimnont's' to 'Evers N' Afters' after I realised I could write something funny about the boss choosing that name. Okay, I'll shutup now!

Please tell me if you like it :]

There was no air of questioning in the way he spoke; he was simply saying her name. The composed tone of his voice defied his drained, broken expression as he began to walk towards her. Despite the weary, plagued air of his ashen face, he looked overwhelmed with alertness. As he moved, his eyes were fixed upon her, penetrating. Her face became instantly hot, and with every one of his steps closer she felt as though she were crumbling steadily underneath his stare. Thomas went slowly, and didn’t even spare a glance at Stephen, but continued to search her face. His jaw was tight. The unwavering hazel eyes caused her to fidget involuntarily, and she couldn’t keep his gaze. Instead, she looked to her side at Stephen. The moment in which they had kissed seemed as though it had fluttered away and dissolved into nothing in the distance, because the Stephen who had taken her hand just seconds before had vanished. In his place there now stood a Stephen with an agitated, frustrated expression upon his browned features. Cokey noticed that he was much further away from her than he had been; Thomas’ disturbance had provoked him to jump away from her suddenly, and he was now making an attempt to slowly edge away from the both of them. She felt a faint pang within her chest.
‘Cokey’ Thomas repeated, as though from far away. However, when she shifted her gaze back to him,  she found that he was now much closer to her. She could hear him breathing more heavily than he should have been, and there was a sense of urgency in his eyes. ‘What are you doing?’ His voice broke slightly as he finished, though he did not pull his fixed watch from her face.
‘I’m…’ As she spoke, Cokey heard a soft rustling nearby, and turned to see Stephen hurriedly scrambling between two large bushes and out of sight. Her chest twinged once more, although she found she was not surprised. When she spoke again, her voice emerged as a strangled whisper, her eyes lingering upon Stephen’s escape route.
‘… I’m not doing anything…’ she said.
‘Not anymore.’ The deliberate bitterness in Thomas’ voice caused Cokey to look around at him. His expression was different now. His cheeks were red and patched from the discomfort of their contact, and he appeared as though he wanted to say something to her, but was restraining himself.
Cokey felt a slight burning sensation in the pit of her stomach. The look on Thomas’ face and the tone of his voice affected her. The Thomas who stood feet from her, the angry Thomas, the Thomas she had never seen before, was intimidating her.
‘You shouldn’t be cross about this’ Cokey said quietly. She paused for a moment, then continued. ‘This is my business.’
Thomas’ strained calm broke apart and the heat in his face rose.
‘He’s gone, Cokey!’ he yelled, flailing his arm in the direction of the bushes. A startled Cokey flinched at his new rage. ‘He’s gone! After he showed up at the place where I work, he’s gone!’
He was still glaring at her determinedly, though it appeared that he was having trouble forming words harsh enough to satisfy his anger. He spluttered at her, ‘And if I hadn’t arrived and seen you, you would’ve given him just what he want-‘
‘YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE!’ Cokey bit her lip. Fury had exploded inside her, travelled to her lips and flooded Thomas. She muttered to herself ‘You don’t know…’ as his bellowed words filtered into her brain and stayed there, repeating themselves and ringing maliciously between her ears. Somewhere else, Thomas was launching new abuse at her.
‘I know exactly what you would have done, Cokey! And honestly, I wouldn’t care if you two had run off together just now and you did whatever the hell you wanted with him, if I didn’t have to listen to everybody at Evers N’ Afters constantly bitch about you!’
His hateful retorts were breathy, and he was now pointing a furious finger towards the restaurant behind them.  The burning sensation within Cokey swelled to her chest, and she screamed at him,
‘Oh, and what do they say, Thomas?! Please, enlighten me!
‘What do you think they would say, Cokey?’ His eyes were large in their resentment, and somewhere within their yells, Thomas had taken a step forward. His blotched face was contorted in fury. Cokey felt the frustrated, salty tears emerge behind her eyes, and she blinked furiously, attempting to force them back into nothing. He continued.
What do you think they call you?
Ire fuelled Cokey’s brain, as well as her voice box.
‘Well, you didn’t seem to mind what people would be calling me when we were alone in the storeroom!’
An overwhelming wave of stupidity engulfed her as soon as the words evaporated from her lips. Thomas laughed. A horrible, cracked, spiteful laugh that split her down the middle.
‘This isn’t about me’ he snarled, and for the first time, he jerked his eyes away from hers. ‘It’s never been about me, Cokey!’
She saw that he was fumbling in his pocket for his car keys. It seemed that, now he had ceased his piercing stare, he couldn’t bring himself to meet her eyes again. Once he had found the keys and they were clutched a little too tightly in his fingers, he turned on the spot. Cokey sighed, as it appeared he was ready to leave and their fuming clash had finished. But, just as she had allowed her body to relax somewhat and herself to breathe regularly again, it seemed that Thomas experienced one last fleeting surge of frozen anger. It was Cokey who stared as he said sourly to the ground, ‘Maybe if I started treating you like shit, you’d be able to stand the sight of me’.
Upon his final sneering word, he disappeared into his car and slammed the door with unnecessary force. Cokey watched him leave, remaining motionless until the car was merely a fire engine red dot in the distance. Only when Thomas’ exit was final and the reality of the previous ten minutes stained her composure, she permitted the salty tears to slither freely down her cheeks, soaking the violet hair that hung lank around her chin, and she deteriorated into a heaving, soggy lump on the cold concrete ground.

Okay, so that was it! Oh gosh, I can't believe it's written. :]:] Thankyou soo much for reading!
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