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Naomi meets Harry for the first time and falls under his spell.
Lovers Stricken
An Original Short by: Steven Michael Jester

You'll never know how your face has haunted me
My very soul has to bleed this time
Another hole in the wall of my inner defenses
Leaving me breathless, the reason I know

That I am stricken and can't let you go
When the heart is cold, there's no hope, and we know
That I am crippled by all that you've done
Into the abyss will I run
” – Disturbed Stricken

         As I snuggle against my lover after our heat of passion I think back to how it all started. It was late in August, moving day into the dorms. I had already moved into my room in, surprisingly, the coed building. Since I had nothing better to do I decided to go to the college pool. I was tanning, albeit I was wearing a conservative one piece and reading a sophomore-level textbook on English literature. I was going to put the book down and relax in the warm dry sun when he walked past me on his way to the high dive. I’ll tell you I was stunned, Harry’s ponytail thumping up against his lean back. His body was chiseled, yet not like a body builder. I didn’t know this at the time but he was on the school’s swim team as a scholarship athlete. I sat up a little watching him climb the ladder. I stared hungrily as he stretched at the top, preparing for the jump. He turned around, his back towards the pool. I blushed slightly as I stared at his tone backside. He backed himself carefully to the edge and steadied himself. He turned his head straight at me. I can tell he was looking at me because he winked at me. That and I was the only person in that direction. Needless to say I blushed a bit more.

         He turned away again for a second before starting his dive. He jumped up and did a twisting back flip before entering the water with perfect ease. I quickly grabbed my book and flipped to a random page, pretending to read it. He got out of the pool and grabbed his towel, which was by the ladder. I sneaked a look as he padded himself off and started walking in my direction. I squeaked in surprise before going back to pretend to read. Next thing I know I hear Harry’s voice. “You know it would probably be better if you held the book right-side up, might be able to read it then.”

         I looked up at him to see him smiling down at me with a caring, yet sarcastic smile. I look at the book properly and realize that it was, indeed, upside down. I my face turned a darker shade of red as I embarrassedly turn the book over. He sat down in the chair next to me and extended his hand, “Harry Michaels.”

         I hesitantly stick my hand out and grasp it, his skin surprisingly smooth. “N- Naomi. Naomi Johnson,” I manage to get out. I was— er, still am to an extent— shy around people.

         “I saw you around earlier, you came out of the coed building carrying that monstrosity.” He said pointing at my bulging book bag. I blush as I realize that he had noticed me before this. “I was wondering why a bookworm like you was out in the sun like this.” After a second he sputtered, “Er, I meant no offence though, just curious.”

         I melt at his consideration. I barely manage to say, “I just needed fresh air.”

         He curiously looked at the book in my hands, “Intricacies and Intimacies of Modern English Literature by Dr. Edward Grant. What freshman needs to read this?”

         I blushed as I closed the book and put it back in my bag, “I’m reading it because I tested out of freshman English. I’m studying to be an English teacher”

         “Wow,” he said with a bit of surprise, “I’m impressed. I don’t even know what I want to do after school yet you’re head into studying to be an English teacher. But may I make a suggestion?” I quirked my eyebrow but then squeaked again as he put his arm around my shoulders, leaned in close and whispered huskily, “You might want to change, you seem to have gotten wet without being in the pool.” I discreetly looked down between my legs and blushed a ruby red. He backed up and said, “Save the books for the dorm. Cute girls shouldn’t carry half their weight in books.”

         I suddenly didn’t feel like tanning anymore.

         I got up and slung my bag around my shoulder, my face betraying my embarrassment, “It was nice meeting you, Harry.” I quickly walked over to the exit.

         I walked into the girls’ locker room and sat in the far corner. No one else was in there so I slipped the straps of my bathing suit off. As I pushed the suit down I freed my 32B breasts, the nipples perky from strange close contact with a guy. I slip it lower, revealing my toned stomach and then further, revealing my white cotton panties. The spot between my legs was wet, and I blushed again. Damn him, I thought at the time. He knew exactly what he was doing. I was suddenly glad I brought an extra pair in case I did decide to go swimming. I started to slip them off when my hand accidently brushed my wet slit. I moaned involuntarily and then instantly blushed and looked around. No one was around. I slipped them off the rest of the way and my mind suddenly brought up an image of Harry.

         I felt myself get wetter, my lust growing and the need for release overpowering. I tentatively reached between my legs and stroked up and down my opening. I shuddered as I took a shaky breath. My body reacted on its own as I sat down on the bench and continued to rub myself. All this time, I pictured Harry doing this to me, his hands rubbing my crotch, my breasts. I curse him silently for getting me this horny as my fingers brush against my clit. Instantly I arch my back and moan louder. My left hand played with my nipples, perky from my playing with them. I slip a finger of my right hand past my folds into my pussy itself. I moaned louder, arching into the touch. My finger brushes against my hymen and I stop there, just stroking, rubbing the start of my sheath. I moan louder, rubbing my clit harder trying to get the picture of Harry fucking me out of my mind— boy was I confused back then. Finally it came crashing down as my body released the tension building inside me. As my muscles contracted and more wetness dripped from my pussy I felt as if I was missing something. Silently I looked around; still no one had come in. I grabbed my soiled panties a quickly wiped myself off. I dug out my clean clothes, a bra, a fresh set of panties, a pair of tight cutoffs and a blue shirt. I quickly left the locker room and the pool all together.

         I wondered if Dr. Grant mentioned scenes like this in his book.


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