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...Hope is a quietly fading dream...
Silent sobs rack your body; you're in the corner again.
You hide behind the dark curtain of shame.
Comfort, for you, is the thin cold blade
That creates scarlet pearls on your pale skin.
Hope is a quietly fading dream.

Your tears make a diamond trail
Down your flushed cheeks.
Black shadows play over your thin frame.
And you shiver, replete with the knowledge
That this desperate, self-inflicted pain is your escape.

Darkness and hatred taint your soul
And you greedily feed on it.
"No one can save you,"
You proclaim.
"The pain is too great."

Lying to yourself, you've stumbled
Your way into your personal hell.
Things only get worse from here.
Betrayal, fear, and paranoia
Have destroyed your heart.

Escaping into the blood-filled clouds
Of your haven is dangerous.
But of course, you couldn't care less.
Living and dying don't matter much anymore
Not as long as you have your blade.

No angel is going to save you.
You're in too deep.
Waves of self-hate and fury
Crash against mountains of deep-seated fear.
You're drowning.

Dedicated to Solitude
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