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I will be writing as Morning Rain, a Native American woman.
Beautiful Poser of Native American Woman by best friend Angel.
My friend Gretchen and I are working on a western story of a woman named Contessa who is a healer and was unable to finish medical school in 1862. The Civil War is going on and Contessa and Morning Rain met after Contessa was pursued by Renegade Indians and escaped. Morning Rain was an enemy of the Renegades and became friends with Contessa. I will be writing as Morning Rain. The story will start out in Tennessee. Thanks!

*Flower3* *Flower4* *Flower5* My name is Morning Rain. I am Cherokee. I have long black hair and wore tanned hide clothes and moccasins. I am twenty winters old. I left my family because I did not wish to marry Thunder Bear, a big abusive Cherokee from my tribe who later joined the Renegade Indians. He slapped me and tried to rape me. I left my family and tribe and lived on my own. I knew how to kill buffalo for food and clothes. I lived quietly in a cave and even the white man couldn't find me. I lived a lonely existence until I met the beautiful white woman, Contessa who became my friend. I saved her from the Renegade Indians.She was covered in buffalo blood and cut up the fur from the buffalo that I didn't finish butchering. She already had scared the Renegades but Thunder Bear was still trying to attack her. I had to kill him with my bow and arrow. I saved the pretty blond woman that I would call my friend. What a sight she was! We got her washed up in the lake near by. We lived in Tennessee. Contessa was a healer and told me she had attended Medical School. I was so envious of her but she was impressed with my knowledge of herbs and plants that my people used for healing. I was friends with the wolves and I would pet them and they would sometimes stay with me at night. Eagles were my friends and would land on my arm. They are spirits who bought me wisdom and protected me. It was so funny to see Contessa pet the wolves as she was so nervous.

*Flower3* *Flower4* Contessa and I helped men that were injured in the war. Southern men didn't always welcome me but Contessa had a way of making them accept me. Contessa only had two men died but we saved at least sixty. She has the magic touch. My parents had disowned me but they always treated me like a slave and they were angry when I refused to marry Thunder Bear. I am so afraid that other Indians will kill me if they know I killed Thunder Bear. My people don't care that he was evil. I learned not to like anyone until Contessa came along. Her family accepted me and I feel like they are my family, too. I love them like I do Contessa.

*Flower2* {e:flower:4} *Flower5* Contessa and I have moved to England with her rich uncle. At first he didn't like me but I won him over. Contessa made me wear pretty silk dresses of blue, green and other beautiful colors. I love to wear these now that I am used to them. I met a charming English man Sir Winsdale Ensworth at a dance given by Contessa's uncle. He is a handsome man with blond hair and a charming smile. He has fallen in love with me and I love him as well. I know we will be married. Contessa is in love with a General Sharay Mentone but they act like they hate each other. Winsdale's family like me. I can't wait to start our life together.
Thank you for reading. I hope to do some more on my novel Contessa's Healing Touch.
Another beautiful Native American Poser by Angel.
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