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Pregnant teens, Gays & Gaza - Lots in Common. How dirty a word is Neo? You will soon know.

NeoLife in the NeoWorld

When NeoChurch weds NeoState,
Spawns NeoFlag → Breeds NeoHate:

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HypoChristian NeoFascists
Should Pregnant Teens just slit their wrists?

Soon NeoRoe v. NeoWade
Will NeoCourt let Church invade?

Just why must bible Zombie lies,
Be so enforced on womens' lives?

Abortion's still a legal right;
Must clinic access be a fight?

Doctors threatened with "Thou shalt not"
Or they'll make sure, to have you shot!

A self-appointed "God's Killer"
Then snuff'ed the life of Dr. Tiller

Religious Reich: for "God" they'll kill-
As Women's Rights go straight downhill.

They all do speak direct to god.
They'll keep us straight with cattle prods

A NeoZealot holy war;
Self-righteousness is at its core.

Smug Gay-Bashing NeoBigots,
Warped words pouring from their spigots.


False flag terror, spreads Neofear;
We watch our rights just disappear

FOX propaganda tidal waves
Well wash the brains of TV slaves.

Bogus threats of time bombs ticking!
Human rights must take a licking?

If terrorist I just MIGHT be?
MUST NeoNazis torture me?

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NeoExce$$ WARp'rate Profit$
$uch Corrupting NeoLobby'st$

All Profiteer$' check$ have been ca$hed,
While whistle blowers just get bashed;

At war forever will we be?
Whose job to end this? You and me!

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A Pentagon of pedaphiles;
Child porn Web searching brings their smiles!

NeoDreading NeoSpying;
'ttorney Gen'ral NeoLying.

NeoPuppets → NeoJustice?
Clueless Congress → No trust from Us!

NeoPrez hoards NeoPowers,
NeoTyrant → Congress Cowers

NeoTrampled Constitution
Citizens still NeoSnoozin’

Economy → NeoChillin';
NeoBanksters' pockets fillin'


Zionists have Gaza captured;
HypoChristians NeoRaptured

A genocide Israeli-style:
Dead siblings, five, stacked in a pile.

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NeoCol...lateral Damage:
These dead kids won't need no bandage.

At tanks you dared to throw some stones?
In "self-defence" - they BOMBED your homes!

Occupation stranglehold,
Hits hardest on the young and old.

NeoFiltered NeoMeed'ya,
NeoWars → WeNoCanSeeYa

NeoTerror a NeoSource
World does see, it's U.S of course!

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Sadly sinking NeoNation;
NeoCrisis → must start Facin’

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