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It's a ONE-Party system & they BOTH just SUCK!
Dedicated to the work of Jeremy Scahill

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With NeoCon schemers still not put to bed,
Your stomach should be churnin’ with NeoDread!

You see, our NeoPrez had a NeoPlan.
No thinkin' required for this NeoMan.

Just a NeoSurge is all we NeoNeed.
Shoot a million bullets – four "Insurgents" bleed.

Waterboarding sure works - got to teach those bums;
NeoTorture's legal if we don't break thumbs.

Falling bombs off mark NeoKill civilians.
NeoTurmOIL reins, refugees in millions.

God's work in progress, now the generals pray,
Blackwater just shoots all who get in their way.

Let's hit Iran, one more nation to capture,
It's all in the name of the NeoRapture.

More NeoPowers for NeoDecider.
Flaunt NeoPrivilege for NeoInsiders.

Pack NeoPuppets into NeoJustice,
So the clueless Congress can't NeoBust us!

Treason's ON the table; NeoNancy's stuck;
A One-Party system and they Both just SUCK!

Are NeoDems feelin’ NeoConfident?
'till next big bio-weapon "terror attack"!

You NeoWonderin' where our Nation went?
The Shadow Gov. knows - Heil NeoPresident!
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