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I don't believe in God so much as I believe in myself.
    I have always had a problem speaking with others about religion. Most 
                    people just can't grasp my opinions or the concept.
I was born and raised Catholic and I have read not only our bible, but many others.
........Why, would I do that you may be asking yourself?
I don't know. Maybe I just didn't believe what I had read.
Truth is, I did not like what I read in ours. In fact,
I did not like any of the others either..... I must be something of a doubting Thomas.
I searched for many years in every religion possible, for something that my head and heart would accept. Nothing ever came up or stood out.
                    Therefore, I decided to believe in myself.

There's nothing wrong with that.
After all, I'm the one that decides my fate...........
Who cares what happens to me
after my life is over? I don't.

The way I see it is....If there does happen to be a God or Judge of some kind at the end of my life, I'll be good to go. I live my life by the "GOLDEN RULE". If I live life by this rule everyday, nobody or nothing should condom me for it. If there is no God or Judge at the end, then I know that the life I led was good and I will have died happy and content just to rot in the ground.

There's nothing wrong with that either.
I don't condone others for their beliefs.
I believe that everyone should believe in something.
Some people need to.                     
                                    I believe in myself.
                  In the name of Integrity, strength and purpose.

I really don't care where I came from. Nor do I  care where I may go in the end.
I care only that I am here. I have this one physical life (as is) to lead
and trust me I lead it to the fullest. Remember, I live by the "Golden Rule".
I  have taught my children to live by that rule. Yes, sometimes it is tough to follow, especially when and because, others do not follow the same rule.
I don't understand. It literally blows my mind, why everyone wouldn't
live by this rule. Don't they realize that the world as most people know it,
would be a much better place to live. I love my life. But I'm afraid that there aren't very many others who feel the same way.


I guess it is all in the way we interpret words and phrases.
Same as the way we interpret gestures, body language, tone of voice etc.
Considering myself to be somewhat of a writer, I look upon the religious books,
as just simply being what they are. Books..... Pages with words and phrases
on them. Someone’s interpretation of a subject. Fact or Fictional.
I could even write a bible if I wanted to. Maybe one that would be a little more believable. Maybe mine would be even more outrageous than the ones written previously. Who knows, maybe my bible would end up being the most sought
after book in the world. It could replace the #1 Best seller of all time, 
                                            "The Bible"         
                            OH MY GOD, IMAGINE THAT!

People are true believers in what they believe in.....no matter what.
Sometimes to the point even, that their own lives are being wasted
or restricted. In the end, we'll all take a look back. We'll ponder how well we
did with this unbelievable gift that was given to us. I don't worry about all the unanswered questions anymore. I realize what I have and I run with it.

                                      " I believe in myself."
I'm the one with the power. I and only I have the ability to live my life as I choose to.
I live mine as if I was already in heaven. And, if I choose tomorrow to live my life as if it were a living hell, then it would still be my doing.
I do know one thing for sure, on my death bed, I will not be asking
someone or something for forgiveness. Nor, will I have any regrets.
I have packed 3 times as much life into my life than any other
person I know and have always lived by that "Golden Rule".
I am a good person. I know it and so does everyone else that knows me. That's all that counts. My Legacy. What I have left behind.
My only concerns at that end, will be that I have to leave what I love.
That part I am not going to like very much at all.
If there should so happen to be a persecutor, God or Judge at the end of this life, and he/she or it sees fit to send me to hell. If indeed there is a place like that, then so be it. It wouldn't be a good judgment call on their part. I'll still rest in peace knowing that I lived a full and good life.

                                    "TO MY CHILDREN"
Keep up the good work my children. It's worth it while you are here
and it will be worth it in the end.
Whether you end up, down or nowhere.

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