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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Comedy · #1307096
A wild tale full of faeries, elves, demons, other magical and/or weird characters.
The third installment of Sanity's Edge! Enjoy!


         I hung up and turned to Hibiki, who was experimenting with his drums.

         “Are you going to miss it?” I asked, tilting my head curiously. Hibiki stared at me with his deep blue eyes.

         “The drums,” I clarified, watching his face lighten in understanding. What did he think I meant?

         “Yeah. Kind of. I mean, the new set will be awesome, but these drums have so many memories attached to them…” he sighed and pushed his blond-tipped bangs away from his eyes. I found myself staring at his hair. It was so …pretty. He said he’d gotten it cut “emo-style”, whatever that was. It looked cool. My hair is just…average, I suppose. Nothing special, just a typical Japanese punk style.

         Hibiki follows a lot of trends that come from America. He even got blue contacts to hide his “plain brown eyes”. His words, not mine. I like brown eyes. I have brown eyes. At least he never got so low as to purchase girl jeans. Hibiki said that emo guys wear them in America: the tighter, the better. But wouldn’t it hurt to―

         I squirmed. That was just too uncomfortable for my liking.

         “Something wrong?” Hibiki asked nonchalantly. I realized that I’d been staring at him for a while. I flushed and turned away, busying myself with my guitar.

         “You know,” Hibiki started, “it’s okay.”

         What? I turned to face him again, not bothering to hide my confusion.

         “What’re you talking about?” I asked cautiously. Hibiki could be strange sometimes. Like that one time when―

         “You know…if you’re…if you’re gay. It’s all right.”

         WHAT THE?!?!? I AM NOT GAY! I am perfectly straight! I LIKE girls! It’s not my fault they all seem to think I’m going out with Kyra! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

         “What makes you think I’m gay?” I kept my voice level, realizing that I could make something out of this. After all, I did have to get back at Hibiki for pushing me out of the locker room naked in tenth grade. Oh, the look on the teacher’s face…I had known I was set for death. The giggling girls hadn’t helped either; it was pure coincidence that they had come in early for the next period.

         “Well―” Hibiki struggled for words, and I watched him with satisfaction.

         “Well what?” I prompted. Just as he seemed to find the words, Kyra burst in and he clammed up like a shell.



         I leapt up to help Kyra with the various boxes that contained my brand new drum set. I avoided Ryuu as much as possible, trying to ignore his coy glances.

         Within an hour, I had assembled the set, and eagerly sat behind it, twirling my drumsticks.

         “Let’s get started!” I encouraged. Ryuu threw one last look at me before facing the front of the room, guitar in place. Kyra stood behind the mike and began a song that we all knew well. I kept pace with my drumming, feeling the usual rush I got from playing.

         Then Ryuu backed up until he was beside me, still playing his guitar. Kyra paid no attention to him, and I began to feel sweat roll down my face. He was so close, it was unnerving. I mean, I can still respect him as a person, but he has to stop hitting on me or I’m going to go crazy!

         I missed a beat, and Kyra faltered and turned around. Ryuu stopped playing, and I let the drums peter out.

         “Something wrong?” she asked. I felt guilty as I looked at her, concern shining in her violet orbs.

         “You were playing really well,” Ryuu commented, and patted my shoulder. I flinched away, but Kyra didn’t notice; she was fiddling with the mike.

         “Ready?” she asked after a few moments. I hesitated, and then nodded. We started again, and I did my best to ignore Ryuu. At least my bangs hide him from my peripheral vision.


         I kept on singing, covertly glancing at the two boys when I could. Something strange is going on, I just know it. Ryuu is usually really focused on his guitar, staring at the strings and whatnot. It’s only at really intense shows that he lets loose, and sometimes even branches out into a solo. Which I totally don’t mind, because he’s a great player. He makes the fans scream. Well…sort of. He always gets shouts that tell him to “TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF!”

         He did, once. I think Hibiki had slipped him some alcohol instead of water, and…well, let’s just say it wasn’t just the crowd that went wild.

         What the heck is Hibiki doing?!? He just skipped three beats this time! I stopped singing abruptly.

         “Hibiki, what’s wrong with you today?” I demanded. He looked at me pitifully, his bright blue eyes wide and pleading.

         “Ryuu won’t stop staring at me,” he said woefully. I stared at him, and he squirmed. Staring at him? Ryuu stares at everybody! It’s part of his…curious nature! Hibiki hung his head.

         “Sorry,” he mumbled, “let’s just finish this up.”

         “No,” I said thoughtfully. “We’re done with practice. I want to try something else.”

         This is going to be fun.
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