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...terraform planet earth... (free verse)
"this song is your grave (dig it)"

she said “i don’t like monday’s”
I said "you may fire when ready."
this lights been yellow for quite some time now,
so speed up or slow down.

your life is ordinary but… not quite.
(we are phoenix lights.)
we might be ordinary but… we’ll fight.
(you know, yeah… yeah you know, trust me!)

when i’m gone, i hope that it may be said unanimously:
“his sins were scarlet, but his words were priceless.”
this is the last of earth and i’m completely fine with it.
never better friends… never worse enemies.

“i will create as i speak”
but what i spoke was destroyed.
i don’t know how the third will be fought,
but the fourth will be with stickes and stones.

this life is 10% what happens
and 90% your reactions.

to the oppressors: power comes from strangled voices
to the oppressed: what is the motive behind your choices?

you are almost there… i am there with you… i am in your view.
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