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Rated: E · Poetry · Biographical · #1307258
Poem about my paleness and the sun at Ozzfest

I was so hot that
day that I wanted to sit
down so bad but the sun
was everywhere its eyes
were staring at me all day
my face got so burned at
Ozzfest that my
eyelids burned why did
it have to be July that
day why couldn’t it have been
cool outside or why did
I have to forget my
sunscreen at home when
I knew I’m pale as paper but
no I had to go out there with the
unforgiving sun all day for what
was it twelve hours I can’t
believe I survived I should have
wrote my will out that day and given
it to my mother before leaving because
otherwise I wouldn’t have made it if the
sun hadn’t finally decided to leave the
party and go down for the night but why
was I the only one who got burned the
most everybody else there was wearing all
black but I had my eyelids
burned and missed a day of
work and I could barely see out of one
eye because my eyelids puffed out
and my brother called me a dolphin.
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