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You never know where love will end up.
The first time we met,
Who would've guessed we'd end up like this.
We waited so long,
Till the chance came along to share our first kiss.
Cause we had both done some growing up,
Thought that we were ready to be in love.

That night at our friends house,
When you sat down and held me close
I'd never had that feeling before,
That just kept me wanting more.
And the day you said you loved me,
I could've sworn it was for eternity.
Who would've guessed we'd end up like this.

All the times that I believed your lies,
Was willing to look on with blind eyes.
And after all those years wasted,
How do you expect me to take it?
Cause I was willing to do whatever it takes,
But you were to stubborn to admit your mistakes.

Guess it took me too long to realize,
That home isn't where your heart lies.
And I never would've guessed,
We'd end up like this.
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