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One infant teaches another and in the course of that moment, a grandfather learns as well.
I am a very rich man, and I found even more treasure in 2008.

My daughter, Emily, arrived with Arianna and Kailey, my granddaughters for a visit at that time. Emily and another daughter Janette went shopping and took Kailey with them.

They chose me as their babysitter for Arianna (Nana) and Kaleb, Janette's son and my only grandson - so far.

Kaleb and Nana had not really seen each other much. A day or so, here and there. Still they seemed to know each other well.

In fact, it seemed that way when they became aware of each other the very first time. I wrote about it, too.

A Gift of Angels  (E)
Infant cousins, unaware of each other til a fateful day, meet to send a special gift.
#1300255 by Jack Goldman

At the time of Emily's visit, they were both 14 months old.

I watched them at play on the floor of our "baby-proofed" living room. Kaleb allowed Nana to pick up one of his toys, then, after a few seconds took it from her. She wasn't certain why he would do such a thing and gave me a look, that clearly asked, "Da, why did you let Kaleb do that to me?"

Kaleb did it twice more, each time looking back at Nana as he walked away. It seemed he wanted to see her reaction. Nana, always adaptable and easy going, simply went and retrieved another toy. Still, Kaleb dropped the one he had previously taken, toddled over and grabbed the newest toy in Nana's hand. I watched, to see what Nana would do. I honestly expected her to whack him the next time he tried it.

Instead, I saw her expression change and a sparkle come to her eye. Right after, when Kaleb came forward to snatch another toy from her, she handed it to him before he had the chance. As he toddled away, she ran after him. Then he giggled and ran away from her. She chased him around and around and I listened to the song of laughing babies.

By snatching the toys, then walking away, Kaleb, without a word, communicated to Nana he wanted to play "chase". I thought he was being selfish, when in reality, he was teaching Nana a game. She caught on fast, long before me.

My ways have been touched by time.

Theirs have not.

I learn a lot from my grandchildren.

And I am a rich and happy man; given these moments of gold so often.

Here are a couple more:

Paul and Kaleb

Kaleb watches for his mommy to leave so he and Uncle Paul (# 4 son) can race each other in the pool.

Hunter and Nana

Nana instructs Uncle Hunter ( # 5 son) on the proper strumming technique

NOTE:Emily is coming for a visit again! That's just in time for the arrival of Kaleb's little brother Kameron, so I've updated this little story which is now just over a year old.

Also the pics, since they are about a year older.

Kaily and nana

Nana and her "new" little sister Kailey

kaleb wasnt him

Kaleb at age two, takes a "selfie" to plead innocence.
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