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by euouae
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...martyrdom... (free verse)
“here there are dragons”

not for myself alone. not for ourselves alone.
not unto ourselves alone… are we born.

“save yourself” his only request.
“the way to put your life above and over all the rest…
is to draw your line. the rest are mine.”

from an inconvenient thing we all learn.
to err is to be human. to be alive… to be perceived.
the play has been performed; applaud!

to the stars!
a god from a machine, he is.
a felon from himself. a felon from himself.
mind moves the mass!
“i’m telling you, here lions abound… lions abound!
if i can’t move heaven, then i will raise hell or resign.”

a sick man dreams of things never seen.
nothing is too heavy for those that grow their own wings.
a war of all against all.

“about us is the story told in braille.
a way for missing eyes to look to us and hail. farwell…”
o the times! o the morale!

“…you! save yourself.”
words fly away but writings remain.
he conquers… who conquers himself.
“remember this one thing… save the last bullet for yourself.”

may he rest in peace. may they rest in pieces.
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