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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Experience · #1309025
Be prepared to fight if you disrespect the Irish...
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"What is that hanging from your chain"?
Asked the man as he pointed at it with disdain
"Why would you wear that ugly thing for all to see?
Looks a bit sissy if you ask me"

The Irish smiled and touched it fondly with his hand
His precious shamrock from his Irish land
"If you want to know then I will explain
Why this is as important as my name"

"This is a shamrock passed through my family's generation
It means alot to me, so show some consideration
This was given to my father from his dad before
I'ts supposed to be lucky, a little Irish folklore"

The man sneered as he grasped it in his fist
"I'ts a piece of junk" he said giving it a twist
"But i'll take it anyway i'll consider it a gift
I could use a little luck from your Irish myth"

"My father is a legend in my homeland
It would do you well to remove your hand"
"Why would I do that"? He asked as he tugged on the chain
"If you had any manners it could have saved you some pain"

The Irish seized his hand and squeezed it tight
The man let go of the shamrock and stared up in fright
"If you had listened to my story then you would have known"
That it would have been wise to leave me alone"

"Have you heard of a man named Danny O'Brien?
Who is said to fight with fists of iron"
The man nods as he falls to his knees
Grimacing with pain as the Irish gives a squeeze

"Danny the boxer is my father you see
He happened to pass his talent on to me"
In a split second a punch swift as could be
Knocked the man on his back for all to see

"I warned you to listen to my story you foolish man
Never disrespect my Irish land
A funny thing about the Irish you see
They all have bad tempers just like me"
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1309025