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First short story
Green Thumb
By Matt.S

         In a small valley in Kentucky, Where the grass is all ways green, and the birds never miss a beat.  Where the people are both friendly and family.  There is a small city through at first glance you wouldn’t think that.  For though it’s small and unimportant, this city, this town, has one the most terrifying secrets imaginable. 
         A Weed Killer

         It was a typical sunny day in the valley Greenish not that he enjoy living a place where everything was always green, but the place gave him everything he needed to survive; besides, it wasn’t terribly horrible in Hog Creek.  In fact the only real problems was the greenish, and that the people here were so friendly.  But aside from that this was just your ordinary town with ordinary people.  Which was kind of the big problem with this place; everyone knew one other, and would tell everybody your business. 
         Now Roger wasn’t exactly claiming, but was a very good farmer, which in these parts, was like bring a celebrity.  He owns his own booth and was manager of a big Black Smiting business.  He had every thing going for him with, money, two jobs, a wife, and two young boys both of which were in elementary school.  Unfortunately, neither the boys nor his wife will live to see the man they love grow old.  But for now things are great, but then a week later it arrived.  With it, came HELL!!!!  It started with a mysterious train crush just outside of town.  What made it strange was the fact that the actually wreak that cause the train to crush was in the middle, but also it looks like a top-secret military train, that carries top-secret things from base to base. 
         For the next few nights, strange noises could heard from over the hill where the train wreaked.  All citizens were forbidding coming near the reek, and will be shot on the spot.  These were the actually words spoken to the mayor by the commander of the operation.  Thus a 10mi perimeter block out zone was installed to keep citizens safe.  It worked however, it couldn’t contain the actually problem, for apparently, whatever the military was transporting had escaped from the quantity zone, and was now some where in the valley.  Consequently, one week after the crush, a strange but small weed began to grow in Roger’s carrot field.  And although it was clearly a weed, its uniqueness was too curious to just pull put.  So the good farmer drug it up and planted it in a small tulip pot just to see what it would grow into. The family loved it, and wanted to keep it.  It looked like one those exotic plants you see on National Geographic or Discover. 
         It had dark green leaves like jungle plants, but also had a thorny stem.  It opened up with orange and red piddles, and had one of the biggest bloom bell the family had ever seen.    As time went on and the valley began to heat up, the plant was beginning to change shape and form.  It’s green luscious leaves had lighten up and weren’t as smooth and moist as before.  It’s stem had grown thicker and harder like a bush’s bark.  The bloom was changing and molding into a harden sphere in the center causing it ’s orange and red pebbles to fade back into the bloom itself, and the same green colors from below, come up to replace them. 
         A few weeks later and the weed/plant begin to act strange. It‘s been replanted twice each time a part of the plant is discovered; like hollow insides, a soft yet strong stem, rooted body.  Now that size of a small house tree, the weed has taken over the family’s life.  Roger the man of the house, promise himself that he would kill the weed before it got out of hand; however there was something different about this plant that made him want to let it live a little longer.  The plant now had a head that would open its mouth whenever some one looked at it.  Its mouth when you could see it was scary thing to look at.  It had the sharpest teeth and the longest tongue the fam ever saw.  Its teeth were strained with yellow from all the sugar the family has been feeding it, yet it seems to match its orange tongue.           
         Its body was of greenish brown, with prickle thorns that the parents warned the boys to stay away from.  It’s base where the huge pot laid, was covered seven HUGE jungle leaves.  These leaves where so big, that the littlest boy Grey can lay on top of one and fit comfortably inside it.  But once got pass the leaves, a whole new feeling was felt.  A feeling of smallness and unsettling fear as the plant sometimes groans and growls inside itself when some one gets too close.  Below the potted soil the boys had said the felt throbbing roots, pursing muscles, and even hear their cat purring madly.  Roger took a look after watering the thing one day and discovered the outline of a belly and also that it was growling.  He stood frozen in place as the plant began to close around him.  Out of no way veins from every direction encircled him.  He then dropped the water bucket as the HUGE head now moved down towards him.  Poor Roger couldn’t help but feel helpless as the mouth open slowly and dripping with green drool He felt the Man-eater’s hunger grow as its mouth drew closer and open wider.  The plants HUGE tongue gives the farmer a tasty lick on the chin as it enclosed its mouth around it’s meal.  It’s mouth was almost as big as the farmers whole body, but would be a tight squeeze once it got him in it’s throat, which was fine by the plant, since it wanted to enjoy this guy as long as possible. 
         So in Roger’s head goes.  Lipped and lipped by the hungry Man-eater’s tongue, and getting soak by it’s slimy, green, and smelly drool.  It’s a unlike experience for the farmer as he finally come back to life.  Unfortunately, it’s a bit too late with veins holding him, and a hungry drooling mouth grabbing him up.  his head now enters the plant glutted .  The Man-eater licked his oh so tasty… body making sure to not miss a hair. 
         Now with shoulders in, and the struggling beginning, the plant chomps down and feels it’s meal kick and scream in his mouth.    Raising the man off his feet the Man-eater slunk over to the lounge chair where it rests its long neck and slowly finishes its fine meal.  Now with shoulders sliding into the plant’s throat and his head falling deeper towards the plants awaiting belly, the farmer struggled harder only to find it to pushing him fewer down. 
         Half in and half out was the sight in the Man-eater’s mouth.  It’s at this point that the plant decides to do a little exploring.  It struck its hungry tongue through the man’s cloths that were soak and were beginning to stick to his skin.  After forcing the pants lose, the plant begins to tease and tickle the farmer’s hardening member.  It throbbed as the tongue messaged it up & down.  And as the man slide farer in, the more tongue the plant was able to give until almost at the back of the mouth, the farmer’s cock climax.  The plant’s tongue was filled with the taste of salty pleasure and continued lapping the pursing cock.  Meanwhile about to reach the belly of the monster Roger, felt the pleasure above and moan to himself while still trying to somehow get out of this mess.  But now he saw his worst nightmare, for the Man-eater’s belly boiled with excitement.  It was hot as hell, had little air to breathe, and look as if it wouldn’t fit him.  Course as his legs slide in leaving only his feet sticking outside he began to dough it.
         The hungry Man-eater laughed as his belly began to bulge with the Burk of the man.  Swallowing the last of the farmer the plant burped and laid his head on the lunge chair licking his lips of the last but wonderful taste of its meal.  Back inside the plant’s belly, Roger found himself to fit perfectly inside unfortunately.  As his feet slid out of the plant’s powerful throat, the farmer can’t help but feel as if he deserved this.  After all none of this would have happen if he just kill the monster when he first saw it in the field.  “Oh the children” he thought, “what will they do when they find out.” 
         The digestive juice began to take effect on his body; eating away at it’s tinder flesh.  It’s at this point that he began to think about the man-eater’s hungry, and of the family’s fate.  Maybe he’ll live long enough to see them enter this hell hold of a place.  Maybe his body will be all the plant needs for a few days, but seeing how fast it’s belly is digesting him, it doesn’t look likely.
         Outside, the house is quiet.  The boys are at school and moms at work.  The fam would be back until 4:00pm and it’s 2:45pm now according to the grand old clock on the wall.  “This thought the Ripper, would give him plenty time for him to digest this morsel and be ready for dinner when the fam comes home.”  And with that thought, the Man-eater laid on the chair smiling and rubbing his bulging belly with his leaves awaiting the truly spectacular dinner coming in 2 hours .
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