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Little read about the fallen one
I grew up with it and became quite comfortable in all its aspects
Considering differences, interpretations, impressions, impact, and influence
Other than self never entered my mind, I just did what I always do
If it goes else where it is because you took it there not me
My frame of reference has nothing of the picture or image you seemed to create
I do what I do and when I do it I could care less its effect on you
Never do I notice or care how those around me view me
Nothing has impact unless you provide the reactionary force
Simple self indulgence, self gratification, singular effort, self centered goal define me
No loose edges to be damaged or frayed
No investments waiting to bring profit
No hopes or dreams riding on anything out of my control
I am individually fulfilling, without need of anyone except me
I am completely self reliant, with unlimited capacity for personal failure,
Tempered with no capacity for others failures
No one is welcome beyond the point I can no longer gain or use them
My sight is limited, my focus is clear, I see only me
I own my joy
I owe no one
I look to myself
I count on myself
Nothing else matters but me
When I stop, I end, anything else falsely reflects who I was
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