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The dangers of temptation.
Seduction summons to shimmering pool;
the water cascades, endlessly
smashing and smoothing stones beneath -
at once chaos and harmony.

The silvery sound and silvery stream,
an angel hovering o'er frothy foam,
sings a soft, soothing serenade
to calm a child and call her home.

The spirit shines like diamonds in the sun,
spins recklessly into the air,
then dives into the cool, clear blue,
beckons the babe to follow there.

The child complies and chases her below
whose radiance lights up the floor,
takes in the sparkling underworld,
and silent child eyes beg for more...

No more, for sacred breath expires
with safety above, not below.
She tastes sweet waters of temptation;
the peril is great - now she knows.

A puzzle, to tempt the child at all!
She'll grow in wonder, want and need
and wake up crying in the night,
overcome with desperate greed

until one day, tempted to dive again,
she'll nevermore feel sun on her face;
we will weep, but not for her -
for our own ache to see the place.

The angel soon will beckon us
and we shall follow far below,
each a child of the water
condemned with the desire to know.

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