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Kingdom Hearts Fan-fiction. A Story of Another Story in Kingdom Hearts.
"The same nightmare.....For about five days now.....That look he gives me...Is it a look of death?......Or a look of evil?..........His eyes...Haunting me to no end....Please go away...Please!!....Don't!!.....Don't hurt me!!!!....Ahhhh!!....Don't swing that at me!!!.....NOOOOOO!!!........"

It's just another day here in Gato City. Everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere important. All the parents trying to get to work, while we try desperately to get to school on time, well, some of us. My name is Ryan Twilight, I'm fifteen years old, and I love skateboarding. Its been my passion for about six years now, and i'm really good at it. Ever since I stepped on a board, I knew that this was my calling. I knew this is what I'm destined to do the rest of my life. School used to be what my passion was, aceing every test and quiz, the big geek. Well, now skateboarding is what I do. I mean, I still get good grades and everything, like B's and C's, but hey, i'm still passing. Right?

Anyway, I'm skateboarding to school like I do everyday. I grind down the rails on the stairs on the sidewalks. I maneuver through the traffic of people and vechicles with ease. My black and white bandana waves in the wind. Even the collar on my black shirt waves in the gentle breeze. My white shorts come down to my knees, while my black and white shoes keep me on my board. I finally mastered to maneuver through the streets even with my blond hair in my face. I guess I can say that I'm a pretty good looking guy, except for the scar on my face.

That scar, recieved from a fucker that likes to carry knives to skateboarding competitions. I beat him in the finals and guess what? He fights me and I kick his ass outside the park. When I deliver the final blow to his face, he whips out his knife and swipes right down my left eye. Luckily he didn't cut my eye, so I finally kicked him in his head, knocking him out. The cops show up and arrest him, and they didn't arrest me because I was defending myself and a couple of people leaving the park show the whole thing. So, thats about the only battle scar I have, beside the usual skateboarding mishap.

My skateboarding skills are pretty amazing. I can pretty much do any trick in the book, and then some. I can safely say that I'm the best skater in town, well, besides my two best friends, Andrew and Max. Their pretty cool, the best skateboarders in their own ways.
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