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by Tannus
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Happy Feeling
I feel Happy!!
How can I explain this feeling that I have.  Most people would say it is like being on cloud 9, but I think I would be scared out of my wits being up on a cloud.  Maybe it is the rush of completing a story or writing that you feel so good about no matter what the reviews are.  It could be the feeling of doing something so off the wall that the build up of adrenaline is pouring out of you.  I feel so happy and giddy that I could just jump up and down and laugh.  I don’t know why I feel this way because I only published my first article on an environmental website.  I do not know who will read it, if anyone one does at all, but I feel on top of the world right now.  Maybe as time goes by and more articles are written, this feeling will be a dull memory and it will be just another piece of work. Until then I will enjoy this feeling and try to keep it dear to my heart.
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