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How I feel when I am lost and alone. I wrote this 20 years ago, but it still has meaning.
                                          Tears from Green Eyes

I'm not sure I understand
I feel it
It hurts me
I'm so confused.

How come you're gone?
I see you in my dreams
In the end
What went wrong, you moved on
I slip away
Lost in my own mind

Memories dance like harsh reminders of what was
Although I try to avoid it, it haunts me still
You are still deep within me
It's like a glass box
I see you, I hear you
I just can't touch you

Removed from before
I refuse to accept what I know is the truth
It's hard to make sense of
Don't leave

Though you're gone, I can't stand to lose you
There's nothing to describe it
A puzzle purhaps
The sparkle in your eyes
A place in my heart.

I forever remember what was long ago as though
It was only last week.
Pain as raw as ever
You are my heart, my soul
And everything in between,
Life without you is death
Forever reeling.

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