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A silly poem of a delusional midnight snack.
Club Midnight Snack

A gush of chilled wind
That the cool dost send
As the refrigerator opens wide

Its contents displayed
A lavish parade
To which I quickly abide.

I jump right in
Behind the cheese
Which bounces and bounces away with ease.

Then the shredded turkey
Bounding about
Comes to see what I’m all about.

The Lettuce looks tasty
As it circles the bottom racks
Rolling like it was having a heart attack.

The Full Throttle is jamming
To Jimi Hendrix and friends
As the Coca-Cola arrives in a Mercedes Bens.

The party is hot
The chicks are cool
The bartender shouts, “Four fruits to a stool!”

Everyone is laughing
Together are happy
Even the Budweiser chills with the taffy

But I remember my purpose
And I hop out in a flash
And look at all my food, finally, at last.

“Three Cheers for Our Friend”
The food cries out
And then quietly, without a shout
I pluck a banana, out from the fridge
And all grows cold inside it again.

But maybe--just maybe--I want a Coke, too.

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