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The 4th Chapter To My Size Change Story
Alex's BIG Surprise - Part 4

Alex look up at Ren's massive pussy. It was wet,and dripping in anticipation. He could feel the warmth emitting from it and it told him one thing. She was ready for him. He knew it was her turn and that he owed it to her to bring her great pleasure.

She had made a device that could change size,and had chosen him to share it with. Ren grabbed the remote from the table next to the bed and smiled. She pointed the remote at Alex and turned a switch,then pressed a button. A bright orange ray came out of the remote and it hit him right in the chest. He felt a tingleing sensation take over his body and he felt his member become hard again. Then he noticed what was happening to his body...He was shrinking!

Alex looked up at Ren's already large form begin to grow even larger. He watched in awe,shock,and arousal. He watched her massive clit grow more and more until the sensation finally went away and he looked around his amazing new surroundings.
"Oh my God Ren! That was amazing! You really need to try it sometime!" Alex shouted still aroused.
"Hehe,don't worry Alex. I will,I will." She said winking.
"So,what size am I now?"
"Hmmm. I'd say... About 5 inches."

Alex looked at his surroundings,noting how much larger everything was.
"Yes,I can agree with that. So what do you have in store for me now?"
"Oh,something I know I'll enjoy and that I hope you will too."
Ren reached down and picked up Alex's tiny form. Then she brought him up her face.
"But first,let's take care of this tiny thing." She said licking the tip of Alex's erection.
Alex let out a soft moan. Ren smiled at this and then put her lips over his member and started to suck fairly hard. Alex moan and in no time,he shot is load on her tongue.
"Wow,that was really easy. I remember how you used to be really hard to make cum. I guess you just like this new size alot." She said smiling.

Alex could only smile and nod.
"Ok,well now it's time for my pleasure." Ren said in a seductive voice.
She wrapped her fingers around Alex very slowly and gently,as not to surprise him too much.
"What are you doing?" Alex asked scared from being trapped in her hand.
"You'll see." Was all Ren said before bringing him down to her hot and wet pussy. "I think I'll used you legs first." She said.
"What do you-" Was all he could get out before he felt something very warm and wet cover his legs.

Ren started to pump his little legs and feet in and out of giant pussy and moaned. Alex started to wiggle his legs around in a panic and Ren moaned even more.
"Yes! Alex! Struggle! I love it!" Ren said panting a little.
She was so hot just from having this sort of power over him. Then she got an idea that made her want to cum just thinking about it! She started shove his little body into her massive pussy. Upon realizing what she was doing,Alex paniced!
"Ren! No! Please! I could seriously get hurt!"
"Hehe,don't worry Alex. You'll be fine."

She hadn't told Alex yet,but when you shrunk your body became stronger and more durable. Meaning,it was impossible to hurt anyone when they shrunk. She smiled and started to ram his little body into her pussy faster and harder. Alex continued to freak out and Ren continued to moan in ectasy! With Alex's struggles it was hard for her to keep going. The pleasure he was giving her was unbeleivable! She couldn't go on anymore and started to cum all over Alex's tiny body,covering him in her juices.

Ren let out a sigh of pleasure and pulled Alex's legs out from her pussy. Then she brought him up to her face and set him on her right breast.
"Now I don't know about youm,but that was amazing."
"It was really scary at first,but..."
"But...?" Ren said smiling.
"Then it was awesome!"
"Hehe,glad you think so!" She said and kissed his little head. "Well I'm tired and I think I'm going to take a nap. Here,I'll set you somewhere I know you'll like."
Ren picked him up off her breast and set his face between her big and second toe.
"I know how you like my feet so much,so you can stay there for awhile. Goodnight Alex." She said and laid her head down,falling asleep quickly.

"Pff,using me as a dildo. As fun as it was,it was scary. I wonder how she'd like it if she was small." Alex said sighing.
Then he looked up the bed and saw,laying next her left breast...Was the remote!
"Oh ho ho,I think I just found a way to give her the same experience!" Alex said smiling evily...

The End Of Part 4
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