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Topics - for speaking / acting.
Here's an on the spot assignment I gave my students, they had about three hours to work in groups. We had a great time!
The same topics could be used by a single person in a speech or a mono-act.
To those from the POTTERHEADS MEET event who are reading this -- if you wish to speak / perform about Hagrid's Pet Shop, you'll have 3 minutes to do so at the next meeting at Lahe Lahe on Oct. 12.
- Sonali

Hagrid has a pet shop.
The shop has lots of wonderful creatures, which can do fantastic things.
Using your masks, puppets, backdrop and acting skills, create a show for the audience.
Here are some points to help you:
[These points are just to help you. You can use any of them you need to, leave out any (or all!), change any (or all!), add your own … it's your show!]

1) The name of the pet shop.
2) The names of the creatures in the pet shop.
3) What they are fed.
4) How they are looked after.
5) What their special talents are.
6) Hagrid's helpers in the shop.
7) Any song Hagrid sings to the creatures.
8) Any song the creatures sing to Hagrid.
9) The customers who come to the shop.
10) What Hagrid feels when a kind customer buys a pet.
11) Whether Hagrid sells pets to mean customers.
12) Celebration of a pet's birthday.
13) A competition or race for the creatures of the pet shop.
14) A school or class for the creatures in the pet shop.
15) Does he have any favourite, or "pet", among the pets?
16) Do the pets put up a show for the customers?
17) Any other point that you would like to add.

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