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Thoughts that came to me while driving one lonely night.
The car drives slowly along the highway
The empty road stretches forward
The radio is turned down low
I'm driving slow for you because you won't escape my mind

And I'm telling myself
How I never had the guts
To tell you that you're perfect
To tell you that you're wonderful
That you're the best I've ever known

And if I heard those words
If you spoke them straight to me
It'd mean so much to hear that
But it's silent where I am
And I hate who I've become

But you never asked those simple ones
All the questions that I figured you would throw my way
They all fell lifeless on the floorboard of my car
And all the memories that are usually forgotten
Stick to my mind like glue and every stray thought brings your face in to view

The pitch black skyline is temporarily interrupted by the headlights of a car
And i wonder if it's your car thats passing me tonight
Because if there's a chance that you're on the road
A chance that you're awake
It's a chance I'm willing to take

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