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The 1st Chapter To My Story
Alex's BIG Surprise - Part 1

It was the middle of October and it was Alex's birthday! Alex was about 6' tall and average weight with brown hair and eyes. He was very excited and couldn't wait to see his friend Ren to come over. Ren was about 5'6'' tall and kept herself in shape. She said that she had made a very special present for him. Around 3 O'Clock PM the doorbell to Alex's house rang. He ran to the door to answer it,and it was Ren. She grabbed and gave him a big hug and a kiss. "Those are two of your presents! Happy Birthday,it's great to see ya Alex!" Ren said in excitement. "Hehe,it's good to see you too Ren!" Alex said hugging and kissing her back. "So what's this big surprsise you made for me?" Alex asked,very excited to find out. "Well,it's something I think you and I will both enjoy. ^^" Ren said. "Come on,let's head up to your room and I'll show you!" Alex and Ren both ran upstairs and Ren closed the door and locked it behing them. Ren then pulled what looked like a T.V. Remote out of her purse. "What is that?" Alex asked,"Your present." Ren answered very bluntly. "...And what does it do?" "Well allow me to show you." Ren said pointing the device at Alex. She then flipped a switch on the device and said "I'll see you down there" while pointing to the ground infront of her socked feet and press a big red button on the device. A ray of light came out of the device and hit Alex right in the chest. He felt a weird tingling sensation throughout his body and then felt numb and passed out. Alex then woke up to a gentle nudge. He opened his eyes and saw a giant finger,conncected to a giant hand,connected to a giant Ren! "Hello Alex. *Heart*"

The End Of Part 1
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