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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Adult · #1311456
The 2nd Chapter To My Story
Alex's Big Surprise - Part 2

Alex looked up at Ren's new body in shock.
"Ren wha- why are you so big?!" He asked almost afraid.
"I'm big silly." She said giggleing. "You're small!"
Alex look around the room and noticed saw that everything was huge. Ren was right,nothing had grown. He had just shrunk.

Alex poked Ren's finger to make sure this was real and he felt her finger...This was real. It wasn't a joke,or a dream.
"So how tall am I now?"
Ren thought to herself for a moment and said "I'd say...about two feet tall."
"TWO FEET?!" Alex shouted.
"Whoa,easy Alex. You've got me to protect you and besides..." Ren bent down and put her mouth next to his ear and whispered "...I know this is your biggest fantasy." Making sure to emphasize biggest.

Alex looked up her giant lips and could only stare for a minute. So many thoughts ran through his head. Like how did she find out and what would she do with or to him at this size. Ren noticed the look of fear on his face and picked him up.
"It's ok Alex,I'm not going to hurt you. I would never do anything like that." And gave him a puppy dog pout.
Alex thought for a minute and calmed his mind. She would never do anything like that. He then hugged her...or atleast as much as he could.
"I'm sorry for doubting you,I know you better than that."

Then Alex let go.
"So how did you shrink me?" Alex asked now with curiosity instead of fear.
"With this!" And Ren showed Alex the device that resembeled a T.V. Remote. "It has two settings on it. Shrink and growth incase we need to adjust something." She said,savoring the word adjust.
"So there are two settings? So we could have a lot of fun!" Alex said even happier than he was to be shrunk by his girlfriend.
"Come on Alex,let's have some fun..." Ren said letting that sentence trail off and let Alex imagine the possibilities.
Then she picked him up and went toward the bed...

The End Of Part 2
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