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The 3rd Chapter To My Story
Alex's Big Surprise - Part 3

Ren laid down on the bed and sat Alex on left breast.
"Hehe,you look like a little cow boy." Ren said giggleing.
"Ride 'em cow boy!" Alex said.
Then he started to hop around on her breast and he could feel Ren's nipple getting hard underneath him.
"Well lets start by getting this pesky shirt off." Ren said.
She took Alex off of her boob and set him on the bed next to her. Then she unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off. Then she unhooked her bra and pulled it off as well.
"Ah,much better." She said revealing her giant C-Cup breasts.

Then Ren sat up and turned around,so that she was looking at Alex. She got on her hands and knees,hanging her giant breats over Alex. He looked up in awe on her giant breasts and hard nipples.
"I remember you telling me about these little fantasies of yours. How you always wished that we could do this. How does it feel to be living a fantasy?" Ren asked pushing her breats together.
"It...It's amazing...I never thought I'd be able to do this." Alex said feeling overwhelmed with happiness...and horniness.
He jumped up and hugged her right boob,hanging on in excitement.
"Thank you so much!" He said developing a hard on.

Ren smiled and felt his hard member poking her nipple.
"Well it looks like I'm not the only enjoying this." She said with a purr. "Well I don't think it's fair that I take my top off and you don't lose anything." She said smiling.
Ren pulled Alex off of her boob and held him in her left hand and used her right to strip him. First she pulled off his shirt and then his pants. Now she could see his erection standing out against his briefs. She smiled and very slowly pulled them off. His erection couldn't escape it's prison fast enough and stood straight forward,almost hitting her hand.

"Wow,you are enjoying this almost as much as me." Ren said licking the tip of his member.
He moaned a little and then asked,"What do you mean 'alsmost' as much as you?"
"Hehe,isn't it obvious? I've had these fantasies far before I met you! Since I was little I guess. When you first told me of your fantasies,I was amazed. I couldn't beleive there was somebody else who shared similar fantasies!" She said and this time,licked his entire member.
Alex couldn't beleive what he was hearing. His own girlfriend had shared the same wonderful thoughts as him,and now she had a device that could make them all come true!
"Well then,why are we still wasting time?!" He asked,ready for some action.
She looked at him with a devilish smile and then dropped him onto the bed.

Ren brought he giant breasts down and smothered him in them. She made sure to catch his little member in her clevage and began to rub it with her breasts. Alex let out a moan and she smiled. Ren knew he liked it and so did she. Her panties were already soaked. She knew that they had been soaked since she had actually shrunk him,but was doing her best to hide it up to this point. She pulled her breasts away from Alex for a moment,and he looked disapointed. She smiled and brought her face down to him. He thought she was going to give a massive blow job,but then she started to lick his chest. Then his face,and then his hard on.

Alex couldn't help,but to thust himself onto her tongue. She smiled and lick his balls and he began to practically hump her tongue. But she didn't mind,she then met his enthusiasm with her own and began to thrust her tongue down on his member. The feeling of her tongue all over his body had almost brought him over the edge,but then the pressure from own returned thrusts did it. He moaned and shot his load all over her tongue. Ren smiled and swallowed it and then licked up the rest of it off of his member.
"Mmm,that was good." Ren said licking her lips.
"I agree." Alex said in bliss.
"Well don't get too comfy little man,you still need to please me." She said reaching for taking her skirt and panties off.
She stood over his tiny body naked,with her pussy dripping on top of him...

The End Of Part 3
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