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Is risks behavior displayed by teens something we should be worried about?
In today’s world, it seems to be a common occurrence for teens and college students to drink heavily on the weekends. Although some say this drinking is just teens trying something new and is just a normal stage of growing up, I disagree. They are drinking illegally… it is not okay. They are not just drinking to try alcohol; they are drinking to get drunk, which is extremely dangerous. In their drunken states more and more are experimenting with drugs and sexual behavior.
Sex is something you need to be emotionally ready for before you partake in it... at any age. I doubt I could ever be convinced that teens could ever be at a level of emotional maturity where they should be sexually active.
I know that there are teens out there who are not having sex, drinking, or using drugs. I was one of them, but in all honesty, a majority of them are, whether we want to believe it or not. Unfortunately, reality is that a teen or college student is a social outcast if he or she does not partake in these popular and risky behaviors.
Anymore, it seems that teens see sex as a recreational activity and/or a right of passage rather than a sacred part of a relationship. The fact that teens and young adults seem to take sex so lightly concerns me. There are so many risks and complications that can occur as a result of sex that seem to be simply ignored in the name of pleasure.

I spent the summer working at a summer camp and had the opportunity to meet a lot of teens at that camp and heard over and over again indirectly how certain teens "hooked up" or "got together", to them it was funny, like a game, something that really concerned me. I was especially concerned because most of this sex occurred after drinking, while they were not in a clear state of mind, a lot of them talked of having sex with people they had just met or were keeping track of who had sex with the most people. Although some talked of using condoms or other STD prevention/ birth control methods, some didn’t, they didn’t seem to consider what the consequences of their actions might be. It seems that laws and morals do not exist in their mind, but is that their fault; honestly I don't think so. The finger needs to be pointed at the adults who have had a part in raising them over the years.

There are so many parents out there who tell their kids that they know they are going to have sex and they want them to be protected so they assure that they have a supply of condoms, birth control pills, etc. I have never understood why parents do this. This is basically as good as telling your kids that you are ok with them having sex. Then, there are other parents who tell their children their stories about being sexually active in high school and college as if it was no big deal. Well, of course their teens think it is alright to partake in sexually activity.

I am currently a high school guidance counselor and know that several of the students in my school are having sex, but I have no idea how to tackle the problem. Morality seems to not exist in today's society that is all about pleasuring oneself. How are children and teens expected to learn when there are a great deal of parents and adults out there who are modeling this self-satisfying lifestyle?
What really bothers me about teens having sex is how in some cases sex is confused with love and acceptance. Some teens, both males and females, feel that as long as they are having sex and doing what their peers are doing, they are loved and accepted, when this is far from the truth. They may be doing what a majority of otehrs are doing, but if something were to happen as a result of this reckless activity, it can almost be guaranteed that these so-called friends would disappear and not be there for them... although this concept is so hard to comprehend... at any age.

Churches of all denominations all over the country are devoid of teenagers and young adults, which is an obvious fact. Just go into a church anywhere; in most cases you will notice that the average age of attendance would not fall in the teen or young adult category. Morality and accountability are seen as the enemy more and more in today's world as pleasure and self-satisfaction takes the lead. Although this is unfortunate, unless we as adults decide to take responsibility for being poor role models, this trend will continue to expand as the years go on.
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