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The 5th Chapter To My Size Change Story
Alex's BIG Surprise - Part 5

Alex was already getting very excited just thinking about teaching her a little lesson. But he knew that he needed to do this very carefully. He made even one mistake,he could be caught by Ren and he could get in trouble. Just imagineing her when she was really made gave him goose bumps. After shaking those thoughts out of his mind,he began the long run to the Remote.

Alex ran up the bed past Ren's giant waist,past her stomach,and finally reached Ren's massive breasts and the remote. Upon the touching the handle of the remote,it shrank down to match his size. He smiled and then looked over at Ren's boobies. He began to dream about what it would be like having those at his finger tips when she was in his postion. Just thinking about that caused him to precum a little. Alex shook his head and focused on the matter at hand,getting back to normal size.

Alex looked around for a way to get to the ground. He knew that if he grew back to normal size on the bed,he would eventually bump into her and wake her up. He didn't want to do that,he wanted her to be scared of him at first when she woke up.
'Just a little pay back.' He thought,chuckling silently to himself.

Then he noticed a blanket laying on the side of the bed,that reached the ground.
'Wow,today is my lucky day!' He thought running to the blanket with the remote in hand.
Alex gripped on tightly to the rope,not daring to look at the ground. Then,he began to climb down. He constantly reached his right leg out trying to make contact with the ground. Finally,after what seemed like hours he made contact and jumped down and landed quite nicely.

"Wow,that was a really nice landing." Alex said with a smile. "Now to get down to bussines."
He examined the remote,and noticed that Ren made it really simple to use!
"Hehe,no wonder I love her so much!" He says.
He turned a dial on the remote from 'Shrink' to 'Grow' with a click. Then he aimed at himself and said "Here goes!"

The bright orange beam came out and him. Like the last time,he developed a hard on. But instead of a tingleing sensation,he felt warm inside. Alex started to grow,and was amazed by how much better it felt than shrinking. First he grew to 1ft,then 2ft,3ft,4ft,5ft,and was able to stop himself off at 6ft.
"Oops,looks like I'm bigger than I should be. Oh well." He said shrugging.

Alex looked around at his room,satisfied with his new height. He looked down at Ren's still sleeping form and began to think about how beautiful she was,and felt bad for doing this out of spite. He decided that he would still through with it,but not for revenge. That just wasn't his game. He turned the dial on the remote back to 'Shrink',aimed the remote at her,and pressed the button again.

Just like with him the bright orange beam hit her body and she began to shrink. It was incredibly erotic to watch her body seem to contract into where her waist had been. Finally Alex let go of the button when she was about 1ft tall.
"There we go,that should be the perfect height for what I have in mind." He said getting horny.

Alex crept close to her tiny form and gently shook her.
"Ren. Hey Ren,wake up." He whispered into her ear.
Ren began to stir. "Huh? What's wrong?"
"Hehe,open your eyes."
Ren opend to her eyes slowly and shot up almost immediately. She eyed his giant body and felt herself start to get hot.
"Well...I see you got ahold of the remote." She said noticeing it in his hand.
"Yup and I wanted to thank you for making it so easy to use."
"Oh,don't worry about it. I wanted us to be able to use it simply,even if we were to be in the middle of [i]something[/i]." She said.

Then Alex layed down on the bed and gently picked her up. He held her close to his face,noticeing some little details about her. The first was how nicely her breasts bounced when he picked her up,then how wet she was,and finally how nice her feet looked. She had painted her toe nails lime green,his favorite color. She knew that he had a foot fetish as well.
'She probably planned to use that against me.' He thought and smiled.
"What are you smiling about?" Ren asked,snapping him back to reality.

"Oh,I just noticed your pretty little toes." Alex said.
She set her tiny foot on the tip of his nose,and her could smell her feet. He got a hard on the moment the smell hit his nostrils.
"Oh yeah,I did them in a color I thought you'd like." Ren said wiggleing her toes.
"Awww,I love you so much." He said licking her small sole.
"I know,I love you too."

Alex smiled and couldn't stand waiting anymore.
"Now,here's what I have in mind..." He said.
"I know already. You want me pay my favor back. You made me cum,I make you cum." She said as if everyone should know it.
"Wow,it's amazing how you always do that mind reading thing."
"Hehe,yeah I bet. Well you better set me down next your member if you want yours."

Alex smiled,and loved her enthusiasm. He set her down next to his erection and she looked down,noticeing the precum leaking out of the head.
'Wow,he must be turned on by this as much as I am.' She thought and kissed it.
This kiss caused it to twitch and him to shudder.
"You're under my control now big boy!" She said and jumped on top of it.

Ren began to rub herself all over Alex's massive erection causing to precum even more. She licked it up,wanting more. Alex moaned and she moaned,enjoying it together. Ren started rubbing her tiny,but large for her size,feet on the head. Her toes gripping on,pulling it wherever she wanted it. She was still in control,even though she was smaller. Then not expecting it,she stopped. Alex looked down,hornier than ever,in shock.

"You can't just leave me like this!" He said,in a pleading voice.
"I can do whatever I want." Ren stated. "Besides,this isn't just for you." She said fingering herself.
She climbed onto his head,inserting as much of it into her tiny pussy.
"Oh my God! It's so tight!" She moaned out and started to bounce up and down on it.
Alex kicked his own head back and moaned as well.
"You're right!" He said,feeling himself about to cum. "Ren! I'm...getting...really...close!" He said trying his best to hold it in.

She smiled and climbed off. Then she backed away and tackled his massive penis,and wrapped herself around it,upside down! She rubbed her feet into the little hole on the head,and wiggled them around while humping it with the rest of her body. Alex couldn't hold it anymore,and neither could she! Alex let his load shoot out of his member into the air and Ren let herself cum all over the skin around it.

They both sat there panting...
"Best...sex...ever..." They both panted in unison. A unison of sex and love.

The End Of Part 5!
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