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How the world was created (hehe)

God looked down on the desolate land,
A barren place he had not planned.
Bright light erupted, darkness fled,
A light bulb hung above his head.

‘A ha,’ he cried, ‘do not despair,
This awful mess I shall repair.’
He took the bulb from outer space,
And put it in its rightful place.

‘Sun.’ once more the great god rumbled,
‘Light the skies through which I’ve tumbled.
‘And when the moon comes into sight
‘Hide from him!’ there’s day and night.

The rocks, which made the blackened earth,
God covered in a healthy turf,
Flowers and trees of every kind,
Grew from the grass that God had assigned.

‘And water, for them all to drink.’
God really had started to think.
Great oceans spread across the world,
A beautiful place had He uncurled.

‘Now creatures I shall make to roam,
‘This earth that I will call their home.’
So fish and birds appeared right there,
And mammals strolled their newfound lair.

A puzzled look crossed Gods wise face,
An air that seemed quite out of place.
‘And who,’ He said, ‘shall care for them?’
‘I’m far too busy!’ So God made men.

A man he placed upon the land,
(‘Quite nice’ he thought, ‘though rather bland.’)
And woman next to be his friend,
So there did God’s creation end.

And while God watched the heavens grow,
He yawned and stretched from head to toe.
‘I should do that more often, I say.’
With that he winked and crept away.

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