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A young girl finds an unlikely friend in a bum lamb rescued by an elderly woman.
There once was a sheep, a little white sheep. This little white sheep, he liked to sleep. One day when all the sheep went to eat, the little white sheep fell asleep in grass that was deep. When the farmer came to get all the sheep that went to eat, he found all except the little white sheep that had fallen asleep in the grass that was deep.

The farmer yelled very loud for the little white sheep, but as much as he yelled, the little white sheep continued to sleep. When the little white sheep finally awoke from his sleep, he began to weep. “Where are my mom and the other sheep?” he cried. Then his eyes flew open wide.

An old lady driving by in her jeep stopped when she saw the little white sheep. “Why little white sheep why is it that you weep?”

“I lost my mom and the other sheep, maybe you could take me home in your jeep, and I promise I won’t make a peep.”

The lady took the little white sheep to her house, and he was indeed as quiet as a mouse. “Little white sheep,” she said, “you are so skinny and need to eat so you won’t look so bad.”

“I can’t eat,” the little white sheep told her,” I am much too sad.” For the days to come, the lady tried to get him to eat some. She tried many, many ways. The old farmers around made bets he wouldn’t last another two days.

The very next day a little girl was walking by the house and saw the little white sheep in the pen. “Little white sheep,” said the little girl,” I need a friend, you would be perfect but that would depend. If you already have a family I will just let you be. But if you need a friend, I will be here till the end.”

“Little girl,” said the sheep, “I have lost my family, but with a friend in time my heart could mend. I haven’t been able to eat and I am very weak.” So for carrots did the little girl go seek. When she came back, she let the little sheep out of the gate. She hugged the little white sheep and all the carrots he ate.

“What is your name sheep?” asked the little girl.
“I do not have a name, but maybe we could give some a whirl. They thought and thought until they got dizzy. “Let’s just call you Wizzy,” said the little girl.
“I like the name girl, but what do I call you?”
“Wizzy, you can call me Sue.”

For weeks the little pair became quite the pals. They were the new talk of the hairdressing gals. Because of the bet, farmer Larry lost 50 bucks. “Agh, that’s just my luck!”

Soon, the lady got a great thought. For Wizzy a leash she bought. “Sue, my kids have all grown, and have families of their own. You are just perfect to take Wizzy to the fair to be shown! If you clean him up and brush his wool, I’ll teach you every rule. We should be ready in time for fair.

“I’d love to,” yelled Sue, “but what do I wear?”

“Don’t worry about that, I have a sewing machine that for years has just sat.”

So Wizzy began to get clean, and was the prettiest sheep the town had ever seen.  Farmer Larry soon found out about him going to fair. He bet one hundred dollars that 1st place would not be given to the pair. “Only bet if you dare,” warned the other men. “But that’s the best lookin’ sheep that there’s ever been.”

Time to get ready had come to an end, and at the fairgrounds they found Wizzy his pen. “The show is in an hour,” said the lady. She gave Sue the new dress and in her hair she put a flower. “You two are winners to me no matter what.” To the show place the pair began to strut.

“I am very nervous,” Wizzy said to Sue. “What if these judges don’t like what I do?”

“You are special to me, and if the judges can just see, at the end of the show no decision will there be.”

There were many sheep that the pair had to compete. The judge got to his feet and Wizzy thought for sure they were beat. When the judge got to Sue, she knew just what to do. She held Wizzy just like she had been shown.

“Is this a sheep of your own?” asked the judge.

“No, Wizzy and I are just great friends.”

“He is by far the best looking sheep; take him to the other end.” After much time they were down to only six sheep, for the competition had been steep.

As they began to pass out the ribbons, Sue and Wizzy were still in 1st place, and Sue’s heart began to race. They had really won and the man put the shiny blue ribbon in her hand, and in happiness to the lady they ran. The lady began to cry some, for she could see how far the pair had come.

Farmer Larry lost another bet, and he was set that he wouldn’t dare make another against the pair.

Wizzy and Sue remained to be happy with another, and were always seen together. They were just what each other needed; a friend until the end. But this, my friend, won’t be the end.
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