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Hello again!
It is my birthday... One year ago I took my first step- towards being an author.  My actual birthday is just under a month away but one year ago today I joind WdC. I guess you could say I was dipping my toes in the water then. Now I am PLUNGING...
One year ago today I was strident with my words yet ineffectual in my written content, as is probably the case today, but now I've actually faced the world (a small portion of it) with said words and feel as though I am finally ready to learn.
Perhaps this is less than a story, mostly it is a re-introdution to a community that I wish to be a part of. Hello everybody!!! My name is TIffany- I am a writer and I look for every chore around the house to tend to before I sit and let the writing happen. PLEASE respond, react..... SHARE your WORDS and WISDOM even if they seem to be just glimpses of my journal !!!!!! Words need more words- even when we are "perfect solipsists" --- Thank you

Ps WdC... Thank you for reminding me.....
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