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by cheri
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(10/Rose) The Doctor finds Rose after she is kidnapped and tries to heal her.
Chapter One

Oh God, What’s going to happen to me?

I fall to my knees and stare down at the ground while my masters look me over. I dare not look up. I know what will happen if I do. They’ll beat me again. The last time they did it I barely survived so I know better than to defy them again.

It has been nearly two months since the Doctor and I were separated and every day has been a struggle just to stay alive until he can get back to me. It seems like yesterday when we stepped out of the TARDIS. We came here to take a break after fighting that werewolf. We both needed it and the Doctor said he knew just the place to go and unwind. And it did seem peaceful, at first. Until we entered the city and ran into the slave catchers. The Doctor put up a fierce fight, but in the end there were too many and I ended up being dragged away from him kicking and screaming. That was the last time I saw him. I have no idea what happened to him. Did the slave catchers take him in captivity too? Is he still alive? Is he kneeling somewhere like I am waiting to be evaluated for auction?

I wince when my masters run their hands over the welts on my whip scarred back. I bite my lip determined not to cry. I won’t give them the pleasure.

Doctor, where are you?

I hear the masters talking. I fantasize about the Doctor tearing them limb from limb when I feel them running their hands all over my naked body. My eyes close when I hear their lewd comments and imagine that it’s the Doctor touching me instead. The Doctor was so gentle with his hands. His touch was feather light and he always made sure I was comfortable before he explored someplace new. So different from the rough hands that are now invading every inch of me. I’m nothing more than property to them. No better than a beast of burden and the thought fills me with anguish.

I keep my eyes to the ground, praying that this nightmare will end soon.


There she is. I’ve found her at last. Oh Rassilon, what are they doing to her?

I stand several meters away in the field where they are holding the auction watching with silent anger as two strangers slide their fingers over every inch of my Rose’s body. I know who they are. I know what they’re doing and what will happen to Rosebud after they are done feeling her up like some cheap whore. I flex my fingers wanting nothing more than to rip their spinal cords out of their backs and shove them down their throats. How dare they do this to Rose? How dare they violate her and make lewd comments about her as if she were a mere object. They have no idea who they have in their possession and they have no idea who I am.

It has been nearly two months since Rose and I were separated and every day has been agony on me not knowing if she was alive or where those thugs had taken her. She and I had come to Bardossa on my suggestion. I knew it as a peaceful planet and I often came back to relax here with my companions. The people were friendly, the food was delicious and the scenery was breathtaking.

But that was before the Sarkesians came with their slave ships and set up shop here.

They had only recently come to the planet. That was why I was ignorant of their presence here. If I had known I would have taken Rose somewhere else. Because the Sarkesians deal in slaves.

Female slaves.

They run a huge business that spans several planets in this galaxy. They kidnap females as young as five and sail them as sex slaves to the highest bidder. Most of them are sent to brothels or sex clubs and forced to perform any depraved act the client wants. They stay enslaved until they are considered too old and unattractive to be of use. Then they are killed. If any slaves resist, they are savagely beaten without any mercy or compassion. This goes on until the poor women become brainwashed drones never questioning, never putting up a fight; just going from one client to the next, servicing them and after that being taken back to their cage and locked away for the next time.

I passed several cages on the way here. All filled with young women and girls who didn’t look up or react to me as I passed by. All of them had the same look of despair that my Rose has on her face right now. I swallow hard wondering what she has been through these past two months. I know I will never forgive myself for this. She was my responsibility and I let her down.

I shake those thoughts from my head and finger the credit stick in my hand. I want so much to go in and kill each and every one of these bastards but I restrain myself. Rescuing Rose and getting her away from here is my first priority. Everything else can wait. And so pushing down the primal urge to kill the men who have harmed my Rose, I slowly walk towards the men as I prepare to do something that I would never in a million years have dreamed of doing.

I have come to this auction to buy Rose Tyler.


Finally, they’ve stopped running their hands all over my body.

I breathe a sigh of relief as I continue to stare down at the ground. At least the most unpleasant part of the auction is over with now. Now all that remains is for possible buyers to come over and negotiate with my masters for me.

It doesn’t take long for someone to come over. My masters told me over and over how beautiful I am and how I would fetch top credits for them. I guess they were right.

I keep my eyes to the ground. It doesn’t matter to me who the buyer is. From what I’ve heard and seen they are all the same. All they care about is how I look and how well I’ll perform for their clients. They don’t care about me as a person. As the buyer moves around to my front, curiosity overwhelms me and I lift my head slightly and dare to glance at his feet. My eyes widen as I notice his outfit.

He’s wearing brown striped trousers, a tan trench coat and yellow Converse trainers.

My heart stops completely and I battle the overwhelming urge to call his name. Call the name of the man I love more than anything. The man who treats me as a human being and an equal. The man who would never ever hurt me or make me feel dirty and violated. Tears come to my eyes when I see him bending down to take a look at me. I keep my head down, but my eyes raise and for a moment they connect with my beloved Doctor’s. I see the anguish and guilt in his eyes for a moment before an impassive look settles on his face. As my masters talk to him and tell him all about me, he runs his hands gently over my body. I try to hold still knowing what the Doctor is doing and knowing that if I show any kind of emotion I might endanger us both. I bite back a sob when I feel the Doctor’s soft hands run over my cheeks and linger for a moment before moving on. I glance back up and see he is looking up at my masters listening as they continue pointing out my assets to him. He glances back at me and gives me the smallest hint of a smile when he sees I’m watching him. He moves closer and slightly to the left shielding my body from view as his hands move towards my breasts. I see him hesitate a moment and know that he doesn’t want to touch me there in front of my masters, but I know he has no choice. He has to keep up the ruse and so he gently places his hands upon them and gently feels all over. I glance up again and see the apologetic look on his face. I mouth “I love you” to him and see the smile again as he moves off my breasts and runs his hands over my stomach. I watch as his fingertips caress my belly and at that moment, I want nothing more than for him to pick me up and carry me away from here. I glance back up again at his handsome face and take comfort in the fact that soon I’ll be away from here and safely back in the TARDIS.


I don’t think I’ll be able to keep this up for much longer.

The sight of Rose bent over in submission with whip marks criss-crossing her back is more than I can stand. After all that she has been through, all the abuse she’s suffered, the last thing I want to do is feel her up. But I have no choice. There are other Sarkesians here selling their slaves, and if I put up a fight we would be overwhelmed in minutes. Rose and the other women and children here would be hurt or killed. I can’t take that risk. I have to pretend for everyone’s sake. Once Rose is safe, I will come up with a plan and come back here to free the others. And I will free the others. I refuse to see one more innocent woman or child bent over in submission like my Rose. It ends today even if I have to die to make it happen.

She’s looking at me again. My poor Rose can only raise her eyes to me. If she does anymore, they will beat her. I notice the whip in one of the man’s hands. It hovers near my Angel’s back ready to deliver a blow at the slightest sign of disobedience. I long to tear it out of his hand, use it on him and his associate and listen to them beg for mercy before they die. No, I must remain calm. I can’t let them know what I’m up to. Rose’s life is depending on me now.

So far no one has recognized me. I haven’t seen any of the men who attacked us here. I’m hoping they don’t show up. The last thing I want is for them to catch on. I run my hands over Rose’s body listening with disgust as they describe her like they were trying to sell me a car. Bastards! They will pay for this. For Rose’s life and all the other females they have abused and degraded.

I continue to run my hands over Rose’s body hoping that my touch is calming and soothing her. I want so much to take her in my arms and hold her naked body close to me. Kiss her and let her know how much I love her. She glances up again and our eyes meet. I try to convey the love in my hearts to her as one hand goes up to caress under her chin. The man with the whip moves slightly and I move my hand back down to her stomach hoping to Rassilon I didn’t raise his suspicions by doing that. I’m so close to freeing her, I need to be cautious. I can’t let my need to protect her cause me to act rashly and spoil my plan.

Rose glances up again and this time the man with the whip catches it. Before I can act, he raises his whip and brings it down hard on Rose’s back. A loud ‘CRACK’ and Rose whimpers softly as a long bloody mark joins the others on her body. She lowers her head as the rage within me rises. I want to touch the place where they hurt her, kiss it, but I dare not. I have to stay calm and hurry this up before I lose control and rip their hearts from their bodies.

I look up at the man beside me and break off his spiel. I want this to end and end now. I tell him I will take Rose and begin to negotiate the price, daring a glance over at Rose now and then. Her head is almost tucked beneath her body and she is no longer looking at me. I see the blood running down her back in rivulets and I fight the urge to throw up. I quickly haggle with the Sarkesian and finally settle on a price. Relieved, I hand him my credit stick and stare at Rose while he runs it through a scanner. He hands it back to me and then hands me something else that makes me want to vomit.

A leash and collar for Rose.


I feel the Doctor’s hand slip under my chin as he shifts his body to my right side. Once his body is blocking my master’s view, he caresses the underside of my chin with his index finger for a moment before he gently raises my head. I see the collar and leash in his right hand and I flinch knowing it’s meant for me. I risk another glance up at the Doctor and see him staring down at me with anguish as he slowly unlocks the lock on the back of the collar with a little gold key and opens it up. His left hand leaves the collar and hovers near my cheek for a moment before he takes my hair and gathers it up. He bends down towards my ear and whispers to me that it’ll all be over in a moment before he holds my hair up and puts the collar around my neck. I hold still as I feel him tightening it around my throat and locking it. He adjusts it slightly and puts a finger inside it making sure I have room to breath. Then, his hand goes down to the leash and grabs it. He hesitates for a moment and I glance up at him. He’s looking down at the leash and I can tell he’s about to be sick. I see him swallow hard and when our eyes meet, he manages a smile for me and a wink. He mouths “I love you” to me and I smile back. He mouths “Ready?” and I nod just enough for him to catch it. I watch as he rises off the ground with the leash and I follow suit keeping my head down to the ground. I stare at his trainers as he tightens his grip on the leash and thanks my masters. Then, he starts off. I wait a moment and when I am behind him, I begin to follow. I keep my eyes to the ground watching his trainers as he leads me away from the field. He keeps on walking until we are a safe enough distance away and then he leads me behind a building. Then, away from the watchful eyes of the Sarkesians, he finally lets his bottled up emotions out.

I hear the anguished cry and I lift my head to see tears running down his face. He cries out my name and holds me gently against him sobbing with a mixture of torment and relief as he holds me safe and warm in his arms. I throw my arms around his neck thankful that I can hold and touch him again without the threat of bodily harm. He moans my name over and over as he kisses every inch of my face. Tears come to my eyes when he begs my forgiveness and pleads with me not to hate him, as if I ever could. Once he’s sure that I won’t leave him over this, he breathes a sigh of relief and lowers his head to mine. We stay that way for a moment just breathing in each other’s scent and feeling the closeness of our bodies before the Doctor reluctantly pulls away. Taking the key, he unlocks the collar and throws it and the leash as far from my body as he possibly can. Then, taking my hand, he leads me back to the safety of the TARDIS and I smile knowing that once again my lonely angel kept his promise to watch over me.

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