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Brief true story that inspires ambition and persistence.
One afternoon as I was working on a job in a city neighborhood a young boy, about 10 or 11 years old, came out of the next door house to toss a football around the front yard. Another young boy appeared and soon shouts of play in the late summer sun echoed through the street. In the distance the melody of an ice cream truck could be heard as it made it's way through the neighborhood. The two young boys shouted "ice cream" and ran inside to pose an earnest request for cash to no avail. The music came from the end of their block when they reappeared with their brothers and sisters. They all, however, stayed on the porch lamenting as the ice cream truck slowed down as it passed. One of the young girls waved to the driver, he returned the wave to the group of long faces. All were silent as they watched the back of the ice cream truck speed up.

The melancholy mood was abruptly interrupted by a blur of a very chubby girl racing down the road on a two wheel scooter chasing after the ice cream truck. The slight downward slope of the street was to her advantage as she was pushing herself along. She seemed to be gaining on it, but the ice cream truck driver not seeing her took advantage of the slope also, and sped off to find potential customers in the next neighborhood. They both disappeared out of view behind a row of bushes as they continued down the street.

How many of us have the ambition and persistence to chase after the desires of our heart like that?
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