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This book tells about my life from when born in Wales in 1944 to today living in Alabama.
My name is Janet Richardson.I was born in Aberporth South Wales in 1944..My parents were both Welsh but we had moved with my fathers job to England so as he was a fireman in London he sent my mother back home to Wales to give birth to me.I was the 10th generation born in this small farm on the coast of South Wales.I was named Janet Eleanor Richards.
I then grew up in Hampshire, England.My father was a Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at Southampton University.My mother was a stay at home mom who spent her days cooking and cleaning and always had a nice tea waiting for us three girls when we got home from school.On days when my father could not take us the ride to School was long on public transportation as we lived in Chandlers Ford so had to wait for the hourly bus to take us into Southampton then get another bus ride out to the school..I attended the Atherly School For Girls.A very strict school.I would get reported if I took off my white gloves on any bus before I got home.As the School was affiliated with the Church of England we often went to the local church for services and walked in twos.I turned around to talk with the girl behind me which then cost me the rest of the year singing in the choir.Miss Ferguson known as Fergy,didnt ever like me.Always trying to catch me doing something wrong.After finishing at the Atherly I went to HRH Princess Christians Nursery Training College in Windsor.This was a 2 year training college and orphanage with 30 students and 30 resident babies through three years olds,usually unadoptable for some reason.They were divided into family groups and we rotated going for a few months with each group then doing night duty twice and also spent 4 months in a maternity ward helping new moms learning how to cope with their babies before they went home.Moms stayed a week then so had time to feel good about the baby when they went home.I also worked in a preschool with 3-5 year olds so was then trained to be a nanny with birth to 5s.
After graduating from there i went with several college friends to be a nanny in London for three years.After that my life made a big change as I traveled to America.
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