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by Corwin
Rated: 13+ · Monologue · Fantasy · #1316698
How my werewolf character came into being, again, its a sort of a monologue.
No, I couldn't turn down such an opportunity. How could I? What kind of a thief would I be, if I just passed through?
Snow crunching under my feet. I'm running. I can hear dogs barking, hunters apparently fell behind.
I just couldn't resist. I don't remember the name of the town, I don't even remember where it was. I never went back there. I was afraid it wouldn't be there anymore.
Ice. Damn! I bang my head so hard that I blacked out for a second. Get up, run, RUN!
Something went wrong. I don't know how I could have overlooked that dog. It was huge. And in a minute I had a whole pack of them on my trail, with the hunters.
They are getting closer. Everything is suddenly so heavy, even the silver locket is as if it was made of lead.
I should have gone for the money. Everything went wrong only after I took the medallion. But something drew me to it, some irresistible force.
Get up! You have to go on, run... A howl in the distance.
It was beautiful. Silver circle with a wrought wolf's head, with ruby eyes. It was just lying there, on the table. I couldn't just leave it there.
Surrounded. A growling circle of fangs and claws... Each pair of red eyes staring at my neck. I don't even have the strength to unsheath my sword. I don't have the strength to do anything at all. So why aren't they attacking?
I don't know how I could have overlooked that dog. The instant I took the medallion... He was simply there.
A howl, much closer this time. Strange, the dogs look nervous. Scared. But why, why aren't they attacking?
A huge dog. It couldn't have been a wolf, wolves don't live in cities...
The second he rushes from the forrest, the dogs scatter.But he's not after them. He's after me.
There's no time to think. Throwing dagger splits his skull and I jump from the window.
But I killed you! You couldn't have survived that!
I hit the ground. I can already hear people shouting and dogs barking. I run.
He jumps. His fangs tear up my throat.
Snow crunching under my feet. I'm running. I can hear dogs barking, hunters apparently fell behind.
I am not dead. It hurts like hell... Snow quickly reds with my blood.
There's moonlight shining between the trees, but I cannot tell snow from ice. I fall and hit my head pretty bad.
Why wouldn't you finish me off? The medallion shining in the moonlight. The rubies... Like fires of hell itself.
I have a sword. But even if I could unsheath it... There's at least twenty of the dogs. No chance.
Pain running through me, every part of my being on fire. Death is coming. And enlightenment. I know now. I understand.
So you shall be my executioner after all? But how could have you survived?
I'm not dead. I rise. Nostrills filled with the scent of blood. I don't think, no. That would be impossible. I am not a man.
And I am not a wolf. Pain running through every part of my existence. And hunger.
I am nothing.
Snow crunching under my paws.
I am damned.
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