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this is my story and i'm still working on it this is my first book

Chapter 1
Family Reunion.

“Come on Sherada!” Miko yelled to me as we started off again towards the mountain for a meeting of the Vamprens, my father is one of two lords on the council so I must be there it gets tiring after awhile though since I must be there each year.

“Fine, one sec, Miko” I said while I was grabbing the sword Miko's little sister Mika and yes she is only 5 but still she’s sweet. She has glossy black hair tied back in a pony tail her eyes sparkle blue like the ocean on a summer’s day. I just wish for once I could have a normal life, but no, I have to be the lord’s daughter, the princess, it’s so hard to be the stupid princess of all Vamprens. I wish I could be like Miko or Riko.

As we came to the entrance of the mountain we could smell the caves full of the sweet scent of the feast ready for the Vamprens yummmm good food, finally! I look to Miko with a small smile on my face with a gesture for a race to the hall. We ran laughing I have missed the fun Miko and I had together before we were separated.

As we ran we could hear voices of the lords and ladies talking to the council I hate this. “Hello my daughter, and hello young Miko,” One of the lords said in a soft, welcoming voice.

“Hello, father.” I said bowing down to my father since it is how we show the main lord respect, and taking a seat next to him and the other lord and the two ladies, as Miko sat by his little sister Mika. As I was starting to speak with my father, something touched my arm; I nearly jumped out of my seat.

“Hey, Sherada. Long time no see.” A familiar voice rang in my ear my eyes shot wide open as I realized who it was, I turned to face the man who spoke looking up to him and smiled it’s been years since I’ve seen the man, though he was shorter back then.

“Brother Sheridan, it has been the longest time.” I replied to him as I embraced him in a sibling embrace as he took the seat beside me. The soldiers started to march into the hall with swords in hand the captain bowed down to us and in a harsh voice he spoke out “My lord , I have news of the Ninko army, they have advanced to the northern side of the woods.” He raised his head to look into his eyes.

My father stood up and he called out “We must move now or it will be too late. Erasion, tell your men to surround the Northern woods and wait for my word!” he raised his hand to his forehead to give the captain a salute of dismissal before sitting back down as the captain saluted back at him and turning on his heels and walking out the double doors as the soldiers fell in behind him.

“Father, what are we to do if this doesn’t work?’ I asked my father

“I don’t know shera …’ his gaze fell upon me before one of the other lords called him away

“Taran can I have a word with you?” The elder lord asked.

My father raised and followed after the elder. Sheridan and I stared at each other for a minute before I snuck to the back room to rest for a bit thoughts ran through my head I hope this time we win this fight. A small sigh slipped through my lips as I went to watch the ocean from the balcony. “….Sherada, the elder wants you and Sheridan to head to the south of the woods in case the Ninko troops retreat.” Taran whispers as he approaches me.
“But, dad you know I’m not good with swords…..’ I mumbled thinking that he will tell me to use the bow.

“Then you can use the bow and arrows and advance with your squadron as will your brother” father told me.
A few minutes pass before we advanced into the woods splitting our squads in different places in the woods.

“Sheridan….advance to the south east of the troops I’ll take the south west side, got it?’ I whispered to Sheridan

“Okay but be careful sis,” he whispered back to me before running off with two swords in hand, His steps fell silent as he went out of sight as I turned and ran to my place and got ready to attack. We advance before lunging out from the trees my arrows finding each of their targets the men fell to the ground as the grass under their feet turn crimson the men that were left were surrounding Sheridan and me, a huge blade fell across my chest as an arrow pierced Sheridan's shoulder as he let out a pain- filled cry.

The next moment, my eyes open and only found darkness my arms bound behind me straining my shoulders, the wound across my chest was scabbing over and the skin around it was flaming in pain. My gaze went around the room before finding Sheridan unconscious on the ground next to me, bound and gagged.

“..S….Sheridan….wake up please….’ I whispered between my teeth as pain flared through my body. There was no response from Sheridan, all that was heard was faint footsteps near us as something touched my cheek and I froze with fear.

“Don’t be scared I’m here to help but you must stay calm.” A soft girl’s voice whispered in my ear as the girl soon began to untie the bounds around my wrists and forearms before going over to Sheridan and untying him “…Mind to help me get this guy to the outskirts of the woods?’ she whispered to me again before I got up and swung Sher. over my shoulders ignoring the pain as the girl and I ran to the outskirts before resting “Why are you helping us?” I asked to the girl “and….who are you anyway?’

“I’m……Mina.’ Mina answered in a soft, delicate voice I could see now that she was years younger then me and she had long raven hair braided back that flowed down to the middle of her back, and she had beautiful golden eyes that shone like the morning sun. Her gaze showed she knew what we were but she still didn't say it….she reminded me of the girl from the past two years I’ve seen around the camps.

“I’m Sherada and this is Sheridan and I thank you for your help Mina.” I smiled faintly before laying Sheridan under one of the trees before I fell down onto my hands and knees groaning in pain as Mina sigh softly

“s….Sherada lay on your back please.” She asked me. I rolled onto my back and closed my eyes trying to ease the pain as Mina started to stitch the wound. Sheridan soon came through and glares at Mina with the look of pure anger that shown in his jet black eyes.

"Sherada why are you letting that....that disgrace tend to your wounds?!" there was rage in his voice that used to be soft, calm he used to be laid back but now he was in raged by just seeing me letting a Ninko tend to me.

"Sheridan..... She helped us out of that jail and be grateful she helped us so just calm it." for once my voice was harsh and firm as I glared at my brother. I groaned softly as Mina tied the stitch up tight "Thanks, but why are you helping us even if you know what we are?” My tender gaze fell on Mina again waiting for an answer.

"......Because you guys may be Vamprens but you don't deserve this and I just hate seeing others hurt...' she returned leaning back and smiles faintly “Now you two should rest for now….” She said climbing up into the tree and started to rest for a few minutes before the rain started pouring from the grey sky.

The rain started to pelt the ground around us. I looked up at mina just in time to see her slip on the branch and Sheridan quickly got up and caught her when she fell “thanks Sheridan….” She whispers when he let her down and wrapped my cape around her so she could be warm after all he loved the rain and knew she didn’t, I so hoped to get a new friend.

“Any time Mina.” He smiled at her before he leaned back down on the tree as she joined me, as she laid her head on the trunk of the old blossoming tree. When it was morning the meadow near us shimmered with dew as the sun pierced the rain droplets in the sky.

“I love the morning after a storm don’t you?” Mina whispers as she looked at the sky as she sat up and smiles as she listens to the birds singing the song of the morning

“Yea, it’s always so peaceful.” I answered her before looking around “where’s Sheridan?” I asked to Mina not spotting Sheridan near.

“He is in the meadow doing something.” She answered pointing to the meadows. I spotted Sheridan doing one-handed push-ups on the hilts of two of his swords that was stuck into the moist soil. He slips landing on his back as a cry of pain slips through his clinched teeth.

I ran to him, “….you alright?” I whispered as I help him sit up and looked him over and sighs “don’t do that till you heal.” I said as he rose.

“I…..I’m alright and I can practice when I want!” He replied as he stumbles off, mumbling under his breath as he grabs his sword and straps them back on his belt as he passed Mina he scuffs before taking on speed and soon was out of sight.

“Don’t mind him ‘Kay mina he is just a hard head sometimes.” I whispered to her as we walked through the forest to camp miles from the meadow “whoa……this place is……well beautiful.” I said in awe looking up and around at the trees around and the birds over head it seemed peaceful and quite. I turned to mina and smiles faintly before turning back and yawning striding to one of the tents we set up while sher. was having a fit about being with mina.

“Hey…..mina….” I whispered softly as I sat on my cot my gaze locked on mina as she started to un-roll her sleeping bag a few feet from me –we had to share a tent since we had two tents and sher didn’t want to be near mina anyway-

“Yes what is it Sherada?’ she looks over at me then back at the cot getting ready to settle in for a good sleep. A soft yawn left her soft lips before she curled up in the sleeping bag.

“You were the girl from two years ago at the training camps huh the girl with the black hair the one that liked my brother?” I asked re-calling the girl Sheridan used to enjoy hanging with a lot, remembering that dark-chocolate hair with streaks of golden strands, her eyes shined like the glowing moon in the night sky, the feel of the soft tender skin and the silky look to her hair

Mina looks away and with a soft, tender voice barely heard ‘W…..what do you mean?’ her gaze locked on the floor her face a light rose color.

I sighed “guess not.” I turned staring at the side of the tent before falling into a black abyss before memories of my past of the girl Sheridan hung with flooded my head as I slept my mind going to a dark abyss before turning into a burning inferno.

In the morning the birds outside sang to the sun as it raised over the trees as the sun sparkled over the lake that lay outside the tree line. I jumped up and screamed my eyes wide open before closing at the burning light coming in the tent before my eyes re-open as I look around not seeing Mina anywhere deciding she is outside I grabbed all my stuff and walked out of the tent to find Sheridan sitting on an overhanging branch 'Hey sher!' I called up to him.

'Oh hey, Sherada!' He answered 'The Ninko is at the field.' He called down before I walked off to the field to find mina practicing so I just sat a few feet away and watched her spin swords, do attacks on the wind and flips everything we do in war training back at the mountain it was amazing to watch her do everything in about five minutes which would take me fifteen when she was done I called out to her.

“Well done Mina! That was amazing.” a smile crossed my face as I spoke and stood walking towards her as I put my hands in my pockets.
“Huh what…..you really think so.” Mina said as she blushed a bit as she puts her weapons on her back and stood and smiled hiding her face under her long bangs and gave an upward look at me.
I smiled back before hearing someone…a human and turned but found a dagger to my throat and mina’s. I stood still staring into the males face and growled “who gives you the right to do this!” I yelled at him “who are you anyway?’
The male smiled “I give myself the right to do what I want…vampren and you must be a Ninko” last part was directed at mina before he looked back at me turning his daggers and drew a few drops of blood from our necks and laughed “ oh how lucky I am! By the way I’m Damien for your information”
Mina let out a soft growl before sighing “what do you want with us….Damien?’ she asked softly looking to Damien then to me and back to Damien’s dark eyes.
I smiled a bit “well Damien tell, us what you plan on doing with us.” Behind me my own dagger formed from my forearm piercing through my skin and grew out past my finger tips, before I quickly pivoted around him and put my dagger to his throat ‘‘now be a good guy and put the dagger away!”
He froze seeing my movement and dropped the dagger “ok, ok I’m here to join you but instinct kicked in I guess, I’m sorry for attacking you” he lowered his head
At the moment I see the barrel of a pistol pointed up at my chest and I backed off and smirked “nice moves Damien maybe you can join us.” I glanced at mina as she turned and ran to camp as I stayed and glared at the man who seemed to be a few years older than me.
He puts his pistol and dagger up hooking them to his belt and straightened up and smiled “well you too no one can match my moves so good before and thank you for letting me in though can you make me one of you?” he asked and raised his arm looking at me with brown eyes Glaring into my blood red eyes.
Surprised a bit I smiled and hide my face giving the upwards glance at him after a minute I spoke ‘alright but you know you can never turn back?’ I warned before cutting the mark on my arm
He looked at the cuts I made and sighed “ I know the cost I really want to become one” he smiled and took a dagger and cuts a mark on his arm and lets the blood run from his wound.
I smiled and grabbed his arm pressing the wounds to each other and winced a bit his blood stung and a few minutes after our blood mixes I let go and heal the cuts keeping the scar as does he.
He winced at the feel of my poison blood when I let go of his arm his wound heals as he smiles, I fell to the ground and shivered, his eyes flash from brown to a silver blue before staying at the silver blue eyes as I laid still on the ground seeming to be dead though my chest raised and fell every so often. “What the heck happened?” I looked at him and his new scar then to my wound.
“Guess for devlin blood I am immune to the venom or yours, and I forgot to ask who are you?” he tilts his head and smiled softly. He knelt down and curls his knees close to his chest and leans on them looking up at me still.
I looked at him then at the ground next to him as I answered “I’m….” I trailed off as a sword was thrown between us and I looked towards the direction it came from and growled.
Damien rolled back quickly nearly taken out by the sword and got to his feet quickly looking at me then the way I was looking as we both saw a figure close to Sheridan’s form my eyes widen seeing it was my brother as I called out “Sheridan why did you try to kill him?!” I yelled at him angered but why was I so worried about Damien?
Sheridan ran up quickly and held a sword to Damien’s throat ‘’this man is a killer he was the one who killed mother I remember that blood he is the devlin who took mom out!” When he said that, I glared at Damien eyes wide as I backed up and grabbed for a sword that was not there.
“Sherada I didn’t know who she was I’m sorry.” Damien said sorrow in his voice now but why was this kind sorrowful side showing now. I looked at him as tears ran down my face, how did he know my name I never told him I think. I shook my head as I ran for it crying softly almost not heard just my heavy breathing was heard as I ran to the woods to mina…
Sheridan growled and turned the sword and lets blood run down his blade from the shallow wound before Damien quickly took out his dagger and pierced it through sher’s stomach I heard the yell from where I was and stopped and ran back to them to see my brother bloody on the ground and Damien almost as bloody standing over him I ran to Damien and punched him hard, as I cried and tried to get sher to breathe again.
Damien stood there in shock looking at me “I’m sorry Sherada I really am I didn’t mean to hurt you as well after all I am a killer and my instinct kicked in so I killed him…….” He turned and started to walk off before collapsing onto the ground in a slight pool of blood I didn’t notice the wound on his throat as I ran to him and tried to help seal the wounds and keep him alive. A mark on the back of his neck made my heart skip I knew that mark it was of the true devlin clan yet this one had one thing they didn't....a rose between the crossed daggers, I slid to his side “Damien Oh god I’m so sorry.” I whispered and rolled him over and tended to his neck wound. I sighed in relief as he gasped and looked up at me with cloudy eyes.

Chapter 2.
The Dark beginning

Damien and I walked through the double doors of the great hall, Sher followed far behind glaring at Damien as the hall echoed with gasps and soft murmurs of the crowd. The elder lord Lerran rose along with my father, fury showed in their eyes as we bowed in front of them Damien drew his sword and leaned his head on the hilt in deep respect as sher turned and walked back out the hall. Damien looked up from his sword and spoke in a voice that was calm yet pleading, rough yet soft I couldn't help but listen and wait.

“Lords I have come to you but not to declare war or a fight, I just came to ask forgiveness for the crimes I have committed to the vampren coven. I may be a killer a devlin if you may but..........I do not fight for blood but for freedom...So please look upon me not with hate but understanding...” Damien called out so that everyone in the hall could hear his booming voice. His gaze scanned the faces of those around the hall and dropped his sword and bowed lower till his forehead touched the ground “Please forgive me...” was all he said before sitting up.

I spoke as I rose slowly “Father you should heed him no grudge he is not the man you once knew...he changed, my father he had a chance to kill me yet instead he didn't draw blood from me but of Sheridan who....attacked him and in return nearly hurt me...Damien showed sorrow and grief to see my brother lying on the ground...and the tears in my eyes...” I remember the mark and glanced to Damien “And he may bear the devlin blood and mark but look at the marking the rose a true symbol of courage and peace...this man is no killer but a fighter of freedom...his freedom...A man condemned by crimes done yet he tries to do good while he lives. Now cast your votes kill a man for one crime that he could not control or save a soul and gain a strong soldier!” my voice rung with rage yet stayed calm and smooth as I knelt beside Damien and put my hand on his shoulder. He glanced at me and smiled his thanks.

The lords sat back down and murmured to each other. Discussing Damien as we just waited and watched holding our breath, finally they spoke “We decided that………this……man is free from crimes but in return he must serve in the clan but under the order of me and my family. He shall not hunt unless with five of our men.” My father said and smiled as my face light up and I let out a soft sigh.
Damien rose and smiled and bowed “Thank you….my lord I shall serve under you and I will protect this clan with my life.” He rose and laughed a little just glad to be alive and free. Everyone cheered as we looked around the hall. Damien sheathed his sword and looked at the lord “And I must apologize again for the pain I had caused you and your family, but one thing bugs me the most.....why does prince Sheridan hate me so?” he asked pain and concern filled his face as he waited.
My father froze and thinks “He hates you because of what you did and what you are, but young Damien do not fear my son.” he whispered and looked to me then to the door, as Sheridan walked forward.
“He should fear me that man you see nearly took my life in the meadow just minutes ago...And worse Sherada is friends with a ninko!!! She betrayed us!!” he yelled as gasps echoed to my ears I stared at my brother as so did Damien and father.
“What do you mean that ninko is my friend but the thing is she helped us from prison saved us both she doesn't want us hurt she thinks that the war is just useless pain she isn't like them” my voice answered in a sorrowful cry before Damien walked forward his voice even stronger then sher's.
“But it was you who tossed the first attack you were the one that nearly hurt your own sister and her friendship may be your enemy but don't you see she is trying her best to stop this war the girl can help us as well. Don't you see fighting doesn't need to be brought to everyone I myself hated you and here I am fighting for you because years ago a girl showed me that fighting and hatred just hurts yourself more than others............and tell me what does this war bring? Nothing! Nothing but bloodshed and lost cause that’s what, maybe just maybe you should listen before judging others!!!” he yelled as he looked at everyone in the room. Damien was a speaker but of freedom and truth. Everyone murmured to each other bewildered by Damien’s statement.
“Don't listen to this deceiving little..........” Sher was cut short by the lord Lerran. The hall grew silent as for once they heard Lerran speak against one of the clan.
“Dear boy do not say to a man of wisdom and faith that he is deceiving or anything. This man here may have been corrupted by hatred in past years... But look now at the young man that stands before you this man is a wise and faithful man who sees what we cannot. We are the corrupted now by hatred and greed.” He stepped down and puts his hand on Damien’s shoulder “My boy an old friend of mine always said.....see with eyes unclouded by hate. And I live to that for him and so shall you...I see now that you are more than a killer...a devlin but a man who has been thrown into a life of pain and lose with no way out but killing.” Lerran finished and smiled as he pulled Damien into a hug and turned to go to his thrown before Damien grabbed his arm gently and helped him along.
“My lord, please tell me the name of the man who told you that saying....” he whispered he was tense a bit he knew who it might have been. He slinked back to my side and sighed as Lerran's voice answered loudly.
“The man who told me the saying was named……Sir Zanza...The great devlin lord of the past who died in past years.” He answered as a wide smile spread and he sat down as Damien basically collapsed and relaxed a bit. We turned and slowly walked off to the facility to start training for now that is.
I tossed Damien a long sword from the far wall and smiled as we ran at each other and a loud clash rung out as the blades connected and send us back and we ran again now the hilts and base connected shaking the sword and sending mine soaring to the side. I hit the ground and rolled towards it and to the side avoiding the blade of Damien’s sword with each twist and turn.
“Good work with the sword, Damien first to knock a sword from me.” I joked as we put the broken swords away in the back room and walked outside. “Do you know zanza?” I asked as I glanced up at him. My head tilted as his face fell blank.
“That saying is one my mother used to tell to me she said it was from my father but I doubt zanza is him..” he whispered “I never knew his name but he was around to teach me swordsmanship.” His gaze lowered and a single tear dripped to the ground before we left the facility “But it was so long ago I don’t even know what he looked like or even his name………..” soon he fell silent.
“I’m sorry to hear that Damien…….My father isn’t all that he never cared for me until I was announced the caption of the archery…….I was better at the bow then the sword but yet………my brother taught me how to fight with a sword as my father just………….hurt me because of what I was…………all he wanted was sons……….but I proved I am worthy in the eyes of the other lords and ladies.” I whispered as a small shiver ran down my back remembering the pain my father put me through at a young age.
We stopped and he turned to glance at me “Shera…it may have been painful but…it will get better.” At that he turned and walked off through the double doors as it just stared forward before walking after him. The sky was pure black no moon or stars in sight. Damien turned to me “I shall be hunting tonight so I’ll see you later shera.” He turned and five others showed in the shadow as they ran off together.
Soon the lords where at my back, lerran.
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