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Nani a young girl who is trying to find her way through this hell we call life.
Her eyes scanned the area her heart beating rapidly in her chest
she tumbled on the ground and stood the coast was clear her heart pounding faster in her chest as
she heard a crunch behind her
she stopped breathing s a little mouse came out
she breathed and resisted the urge to sigh annoyingly
she made a run for it and
sprinted for the opening 'alomost there' she ran even faster when something
grabbed her
"GAHHH" Nani shot up her black midnight hair swinging over her eyes
she sighed another sleepless night
"Shut-up in there" her father yelled from across
the hall "sorry father" she said her eyes looked over the dark room as she got ready for morning.
She walked to school in her jeans and a black hoodie her pace was slow and steady her head lowered as the bell rang
"first day and i'm already late" she picked up her pace as the building came closer into sight she noticed graffiti on the walls the steps where broken and the sign was titlted "just as i remember it" she mumbled
she got a tardy slip from the office and ran to class she had english first she walked into the doors and handed the teacher her tardy slip
"first day and your already late its not looking good for you Ms. Hikiga" Nani rolled her eyes and took a seat in the back.
The class was long and boring she didn't really pay attention
her mind was drifting to a different subject.
The bell rang snapping her out of her thoughts
she grabbed her bag and headed towards her next class
she rounded a corner unaware of the new student walking in the opposite direction
papers went everywhere as Nani peered up from the ground she looked in front of her the boy she had run into was lying on the ground rubbing his head "ow" he said standing he gave her a hand witch she took as they gathered their belongings
"sorry I wasn't looking where I was going"
"no you wern't"
she stated brushing the dust off her pants the bell rang as she cursed in her mind
"what class do you have next?"
he asked she turned towards him and sighed
"oh I have algebra"
"guess what i don't really care"
she said walking towards the ladys bathroom
"I just came from biology the class is that way?"
he said pointing down the corridor
"I know where it is"
she growled
"wait are you skippping?!"
"what's it to you?"
"it aganist school rules"
"you gonna snitch on me"
"uhh its aganist school rules!"
"here let me explain it to you since your new you snitch on me and I kick your ass"
he froze
"s-sorry i was outta line"
he took off down the hall
she sighed and headed towards the girls washroom
it was late in the afternoon she had gym as her last class she tugged at the necklace situated around her neck
her carmel colored hands toying with the latch she didn't even bother putting on her gym uniform not many people did and had to sit out
she sat aganist the bleechers as she watched the coach yell at another new student
"dang this school sucks why does everyone come here"
the boy stood out he head death black hair some serious bangs covering his right eye and black kakis with a silver chain on the side his eyes where coal black he had on a giant black hoodie he had on eyeliner and black boots his skin was smothe and pale
"hm an emo in this school? weird"
she opened her book bag and took out some cookies
she bit into one looking around at the people in the gym
there where the preps
they hated her saying that she was a freak with bad hair
then there where the geeks
the kid she met in the hallway was with them
he pointed towards her direction.
The others just nodded their heads glaring her way
The jocks where playing Basketball
The Goths where praying to the devil in the corner
she expected the emo kid to hang with the goths but he suprisingly walked up to where she was and sat down
he said his voice was void of any emotion
she said not even looking his way
she continued to glare at the others around her when she felt someones eyes on her she turned her head towards the emo kid
she growled
"you hate this school"
"yeah and your point?"
"and the people in it i can tell by the way you look at them"
"really good for you"
she turned back to her glaring but he was still staring at her
"why don't you take a picture it'll last longer"
he smirked
"you have a tough attitude, why?"
"well I don't know maybe because your annoying the crap outta me"
"that's not why you have a tough interior"
"yeah well what about you why are you all emo"
he sighed and turned his head towards the jocks
"the people I loved the most where taken away from me and then left me with a person that hates my guts"
she nodded as a silence overcame them
he looked at her as a small smile brightened his features
"I knew you where different"
she looked at him there was no emotion in his eyes what so ever
"names Takashan Kidora you can call me Taka"
"Nani Hikiga"
"let me see your schedule"
she handed it to him as he quickly glanced over it
"we have biology and this class together. You weren't in biology class today"
he said looking up at her
"oh I skipped"
he smirked
she packed up her stuff as the bell rang she walked out the building
Taka said to her
she replied walking toward the grocery store she worked at Hall-Mart and her manager was a jerk her father worked at a construction site and had the day off so she would work as long as she can.
A few hours passed and she was worn out an old lady kept her in the same spot trying to get some stupid jelly which in the end it turns out she didn't even need it. She truged slowly toward her house as her small slender fingers pushed open the door a strong smell of alchol quickly surrounded her.
She walked toward her kitchen
her father yelled from the living room he walked in trying hard just to stand
"where the hell where you?!"
she said solemnly. He through a beer bottle at her she dodged it dropping to her knees
"Father please! l-let me m-make you some dinner"
he glared at her
"make it quick!"
he growled she nodded and hastly started up the meal.
10 minutes later she walked to him with a chicken breast and some mashed potatoes, he snatched it from her
"bout time"
she ran up to her room and fell out on her bed her mind driffted to the emo boy as her eyes traveled to a picture on her desk she lifted it up as she stared at a beautiful dark skinned woman her fingers traced over the glass as she cradeled the picture in her arms
she whispered
"why did you leave me?"
she layed her head against the pillow as her eyes drifted closed.
Nani grasped her head as a small screech escaped her lips she quickly sat up her father had thrown a beer bottle at her head while she was sleeping he was glaring at her
"get up!"
she did as he asked and slowly slipped out of bed
"make me breakfast now!"
he dragged her small form down the step and pushed her toward the stove she made him eggs and went back up to her room she changed her clothes as she slipped on another black hoodie that was a zip up
she letft it unzipped as her purple tangtop hugged her slender form
she put on a different pair of jeans as she climbed down the fire ecsape that was next to her window.
She kept a steady pace as she made her way to school
she turned coming face to face with Taka
"you take this route to eh?"
she said sarcastically
he chuckled
"do anything special yesterday?"
he asked
"nope how about you?"
the rest of the walk was in silence
they finally reached the school and went to there seperate classes
Nani fell asleep in class and awoke to the teacher calling her
"Ms. Hikiga if you wish to make it past sophmore year I suggest you wake up and pay attention!"
the bell suddenly rang stopping there teachers rant as Nani ran out the room bookbag in hand she skidded down the halls to her biology class barley making it before the bell
she spotted Taka sitting at a double desk in the back she quickly sat down next to him
she said
"hiya finally decided to show today"
he said smirking
"sorry this class just happens to freak me out"
"why its not like this classroom is haunted"
"yeah but the teacher scrares the crap outta me"
just then the door opened revealing a sickly looking male his pale skin looked gray under the floresent lights
his footsteps where quite as he walked to his desk his head was down he looked up at his students as many gasps where heard
he had yellow eyes snakeish eyes eyes that peered into you soul
Nani laughed as Taka paled if that is figuraly possible
"told yah"
the teacher hissed
"my name is mr. Ichi if you where absent yesterday i wasn't here so you missed the only day of the entire year that everything would be fair and happy oh well your loss"
"we will be working on a partner project the people your sitting next to are you lab partners for the time being we will start with examining all the parts on the human body the directions are on the sheet in front of you get started"
the class slowly edged by until it was finally over
Nani ran out the class
she yelled softly
Taka chuckled
"I'll see you at gym"
she nodded and walked the opposite way
it seemed like gym wasn't getting here fast enough
when it finally came she found herself actually happy and pondered why
Taka said he was already on the bleachers
Nani said sitting down
"what are you doing tomorrow?"
"well let's see I get the day off friday so nothing"
"you want to do something?"
"sure what'd you have in mind"
"I don't know a concert maybe"
"okay sounds cool, right after school?"
He turned toward her she had a chocolate chip cookie in her hand
he smiled at her and graciously took it his hand slowly brushed over hers and she blushed lightly
they talked about nothing for the next 20 minutes when the bell rang
"I'll see yah tomorrow"
he said waving
Nani walked to her job as time seemed to fly by for all she could think about was the dark haired boy and why his touch made her blush
She soon left work and headed home it was late she probaly shouldn't have asked for a double shift this week
she fumbled with her keys for a moment slowly pushing them into the lock she tried to silence her steps knowing her father was home
She walked up the stairs
her foot lingering over the top as her father appeared in front of her
he growled and shoved her down the steps she hit the bottom with a thud
her hands made their way around her head as she stiffled a scream
she felt red liquid in her hands she was bleeding from the head
she felt her body get lifted up by her foot; to week to struggle.
She was tossed against the stove
"I'm hungry your late so make me dinner NOW!"
she couldn't even stand he growled as he kicked her in her side
she coughed up blood as he kicked her again and again and again until she fell unconcious he scuffed and spit on her unmoving body.
Nani woke up with a spliting headache it was still dark outside as she quickly cleaned herself up
she was limping and her brain was pounding aganist her skull
she grabbed her bag and ran to the park
there she sat on a bench as tears fell down her cheeks
"out kinda late don't cha think"
she looked up
her tough interior built itself up again as she shook her head
"what the hell are you doing here?"
"I could ask you the same thing"
he sat down next to her
"why are you crying?"
"I'm not crying"
she growled out
then there was silence
"so why are you not crying?"
he turned toward her
"holy crap your bleeding!"
Nani lightly touched the back of her head the dried blood clinging to her face
a ruff sigh escaped her lips
he grumbled as his hands grabbed her chin he examined her eyes
"what happened?"
he questioned his arms falling back to his sides
"I-I fell"
it wasnt the whole truth but it wasnt a lie either
"no you didn't"
her head snapped toward him
"and how would you know!"
"cause you stuterred"
"so I'm not allowed to stutter"
his eyes grew serious as he just stared at her a sigh escaped his parted lips as he leaned back
"fine don't tell me but I'll find out sooner or later"
she looked up at the stars as the wind blew her hair out of her eyes she smiled lightly
"well I'm tired so I'd better get going"
Taka said standing
"I'll see you tomorrow"
she said standing as well then he did something that surprised her  he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into a hug
a gasp escaped her throat she was blushing as a small pink tint high lighted his cheeks as well
"I thought you could use a hug"
he said solemnly
she smiled as her arms wrapped around him as well
"thank you"
her voice barely above a whisper.
The next day Nani woke up in her bed she was aching all over but yet she still felt better then ever.
She put on some light blue ripped jeans her normal hoddie and a DC shirt.
she put her hair into a ponytail and jumped down the fire escape back pack in hand
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