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Teaching our young the value of promise and secrets. Having fun hiding under the table
A Day In The Life Of Super Mom On Promises And Secrets, I’m Hiding Under The Table And Using Exclamation Marks….

Well here I sit under the table if you must know I’m hiding. As an armature writer far from a professional I write in the strangest of places. Finding at times I need to get away even from myself and taking a nap does not count. Yes I’m a little much, some days hard to handle but this week has had its effects on me in more ways than one. So I turned up the television as loud as I could it’s usually louder. The man is sanding a new sign for my horse thingy. You know it’s a large beam one used to tie their horses to before they went into the saloon for a spell. They lined the streets of the old western towns. Well I wanted one in my front yard no I don’t have a horse. The sign my husband is making states horses only no jack asses and will hang from the center of the beam. I have a lot of old junk some folk’s call it, to me its rustic skulls and old wagon wheels. The western look I am really hoping the sign will work!

Well I need to get out from under the table my legs are cramping and I really to sweep! Yes that’s two exclamation marks already and they’ll be more no doubt. Armature or so I read somewhere. Still I do get good feed back from my essays and have seen them here and there in the Internet world

So are you wondering why I was hiding under the table I wonder too. . The things I do I mean I get under there with the grand babies when we make forts to keep Wyatt Earp out. I have found it as a child would a refugee a quiet place of peace and no one would think to find me under there. Plus I wanted the dishes done and the house cleaned and I did not want to be the one to do it. I wish the phone would stop ringing that would be great because as of late no one seems to have anything nice to say to me. I failed at world peace so sorry Mr. President.

The kids are running me ragged what a concept me running, yeah right running sentences maybe or running jokes perhaps. The ragged part yes lets just say they are not following the rules. The kids that is last week when I was sitting on top of the table yes on top I thought I was in complete control I mean I had the big sombrero on and had the talking stick out and in hand. I had the attention of all around me talking about our secrets and keeping our promises! Oops did it again I need to stop that but yet it would not be me. The queen of run on sentences and exclamation marks.

You see some, just can’t keep a secret or promise at that even at their best they can’t keep even a word of a sentence told to them. Breaks my heart I know now I can’t pass on the old sombrero or talking stick. It has to stay in my hands until secrets can be kept and promises unbroken. To gather around while I sit a top the table , the little ones sit with me up there with me. I wear the hat and we all take turns talking. Stick in hand, talking out situations bad or good. Even the tator tot’s use the stick I played with mommy’s lipstick and put it on the frog. Ok we won’t tell Mr. frog he looks silly in pink lipstick and we won’t play in moms make up any more!

Well a promise made to me got broken no the frog did not find out he looked silly in pink It breaks my heart, a broken promise made to me, made to anyone close to me. Okay okay the promise broken to me no need for detail. This story is about keeping promises and secrets I would not be any good at it if I told you. I mean it’s not the kind secret like my boy friend is no prince charming that would be something everyone could see for himself or herself. Okay hold on here folks the tator tots want to get under the table they see my scratch paper, they think I was coloring without them No babe Nana was hiding, yes we can hide under there later. Distractions! Where were we? Oh yes broken promises, oh they are devastating, heart breaking and I was so hoping this particular promise would not be broken that it would be kept. My youngest son made it to me my baby, thirteen going on twenty or he so wishes. I cried and cried and cried some more. It got to the point he even cried I think more for making me cry then for breaking his promise. Then the sombrero came out and on and the talking stick so the talking began again. What else can you do? Punishment yes I know but talking is always a must.

I bet your thinking who could take me serious I know it’s hard! Eeeeks I did it again no promises to quit either with the exclamation marks or run on’s. Yes even with me sitting on the kitchen table with a huge sombrero on my head. My kids take me serious they have to. It shows I love them and I do these somewhat crazy things to bring us closer.  I am funny too! Laughter is good and honest medicine it brings families together. I have people tell me how weird I am. I am totally weird! Being completely normal would be damaging to my career choice, which is freelance funny gal. Super mom. No I’d rather be different, normal is fine for normal yet I like me just the way. I am not normal not me no way never!

A broken promise makes me cry and hide under the table hey I came out I really did not want to do dishes. I use to write best in the mist of chaos but as I’ve grown older and weirder and yes wiser I need a little down time and under the table is fine for me.

Parents always talk to your kids tell them about keeping promises and how one broken promise can wound the heart strings that tug at the spirit sometimes breaking the soul. Start when their young I guarantee you got a good jump start on the beginning of good hearted children who enjoy the benefits of promises and maybe they’ll learn to keep a secret and by secret I mean good secrets not bad ones like example We will never tell MR frog just how silly he looked in lipstick. Another not every one at my kid’s school needs to know mom has M.S or is BI. Polar those are the sorts of things you leave up to that person to tell at their leisure. You might want to include that keeping strangers secrets are excluded. Remember stranger danger. Only the wearer of the great sombrero can tell how they feel inside and it stays with in the circle of trust. Teach your children love and respect and with that comes the keeping pf promises and unbroken hearts. Having a best friend is always a plus they are great at keeping your inner most thoughts, desires and pains. To themselves. You can’t be best friends with your kids, parenting comes first then friends.

When it comes right down to it promises are like dreams and hopes as well as desires. You promise some one to love them when you marry them forever and ever amen. However that does not always come to be forever.  A dream you hope to always remain true.{sadly at times dreams fade) You promise your kids things, new toys, play days at the park or under the table. It gives them hopes that mom is always going to be there! Promises like a desire to have and to hold, that dream of that child you both wanted with all your hearts A promise can be the glue that holds two people together. It can be like a goal two people work towards. Example someday I want to live in the mountains where I can really tie my horse to the front porch heck I’ll let him come right on the porch and stick his pretty big head in the door for an apple. It’s a promise I was given a long time ago The land is bought and paid for! Now a ranch needs to be built I’ll settle for a cabin to start baby steps. I just want a really big kitchen with a huge table you know for the big forts and hiding under. So with a promise it holds to souls together working on getting to where they want to be. A promise is not to be taken lightly its almost a gift it is a gift. I promised my soul to god and with that I know I’ll have ever lasting life and that’s the best gift one could ever have So when you make a promise be sure to keep it and remember just what a promise holds. Hope, dreams, love and ever lasting life
It’s okay to crawl under the table with the babies makes for great adventures or a writer’s refugee. I did suggest Mr. frog might look better in red but I just got myself into a whole lot of trouble

Until the next time just another hectic day In the life of a super mom Kelly Tagaban
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