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A short story about a decision to be made.
The slender young girl, with the raven coloured hair, swings listlessly, backwards and forwards. Moving relentlessly through the dappled shade cast by the old elm tree. Waiting the arrival of the parcel. Her latest order, the new publication on quantum physics. Her hunger for knowledge, being only slightly outweighed by her hunger for him. He was away, gone on his ‘Grand Tour’ of the continent with friends. Not heard from for 6 weeks now, just gone. She remained on the swing where he left her, a gnawing deep inside at his memory, not yet passing, still growing.

The silence was suddenly broken by the deep throbbing sound of a distant engine, slowly increasing in volume. Then turning the corner, from the direction of the village, came a large black, shiny, van. It shuddered to a sudden halt, at the edge of her property, and then the disturbed silence retuned as the driver, turned off his engine, and dismounted. He moved to the rear of his van, and carefully selected a small parcel from within. With parcel in hand he smiled at the girl, and carefully opened the gate and began to approach the front door.

Her eyes followed his steady footsteps, mesmerized as he made his way from the gate to the door. Each individual move was studied. His movements so graceful as to be almost balletic, where much admired by those deep, dark, all observing, brown eyes. Suddenly she began to move, running on an intercept path, determined to get to this sensuous stranger, prior to his arrival at the front door.

He catching a glimpse, of her flying raven hair, in the corner of his eye, slowed and turned to locate the source. The incredible beauty that was flowing towards him caused him to abruptly cease all movement, and remain in this stationary pose. His entire concentration being focused on this, amazing, delectable, being heading at speed in his direction. She stops at the edge of his shadow and stares into his face, looking into those bright green eyes. A stare that was returned with equal passion. In that, seemingly to them, endless time, they looked thru each others eyes into the depth of the each others soul. Seeing there the shock caused by the unexpectedness of the meeting. The realization that this was something very special, and the more base, lustful desires, subdued thru lack of courage.

Everything was forgotten, the parcel in his hand, the boy friend on his holiday, the entire world beyond this moment in time ceased to exist. After, what seemed to them like an eternity, when the world once more began to intrude into their thoughts, came that mixture of awe and wonder, tinged with terror, at what had just happened. Awe and wonder at the serene beauty of the moment, terror in that neither had sensed anything like this before, and could not understand it. Neither wanted the moment to end, both strained to keep the world at bay, afraid that this feeling would be lost forever, never to be recaptured.

Time passed, and the moment faded, but did not disappear. Voices where found and introductions made. The urgent need to meet again was established. The location and time where planned for that evening, as soon as he finished work he’d be back. Slowly they parted, both knowing that they must, neither wanting to be the one that caused the separation to happen.

Later that day she came across the parcel that he had come to deliver. To try and contain her impatience for his return, the paper was carefully removed, and smelt for any lingering traces of him. However inside was not the expected book, instead there was a book on the delights of Sun City, South Africa and a sealed white envelope addresses to her. On opening the envelope she removed a letter and first class ticket to Sun City. Her boyfriend after six weeks absence, without any correspondence during that time, had won the Spanish Lottery, he was now a multi-millionaire and wanted her to fly out and join him.

What happens next I leave up to you. Does she fly out, to the boy who did not correspond in six weeks, but who is now very rich? Does she stay and begin a new relationship with the man who, at least for a time, removed all thoughts from her mind? You decide – what would you do?

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