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a dialogue between monk and master.
[ Picture: a beautiful Japanese Zen temple amidst a picturesque oriental landscape.]

( A Monk walks up to his Master whilst he is walking back to the temple.)

Monk: " Master, I must tell you something extraordinary."

Master: " What is it, young monk?"

Monk: " Well, Master, I have come to a great realization. Fear is nothing but a concept. An idea. And, therefore, I have nothing to fear because fear does not exist!"

Master: " That is a great realization, young monk."

( Master proceeds to look at the ground sternly.)

Monk: " What is it, Master?"

Master: " Well I wasn't going to say anything but, there is a huge snake slithering right toward you..."

( The young Monk shrieks shrilly and jumps upon a nearby rock.)

Master: (laughing) " So much for fear being a concept, huh?"

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