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The family dog is not going to be left out of the wedding celebration!

It was not hard to see where this wedding,
with all of its fussing and bother was heading,
as far as I was concerned.

There were ushers and bridesmaids and ready confetti
and groomsmen and fathers were heady already;
but I got no attention

or food, for that matter, or water or petting —
a pat on the head is all I was getting —
nothing at all worthwhile!

Everyone else was dressed to the hilt;
mountains of presents were everywhere built.
Me? Not even a bone.

The tables were laden with shrimp and fresh fruit,
and meat and sweet odors and gravy to boot -
my nose just quivered with hope!

But I was supposed to “lie still” and “be good,”
be satisfied seeing and smelling the food
as if I were dead, or a rock.

Oh after, I knew, they would let me lick plates
of leftovers cold and congealed that I hate.
Well, how do YOU like it?

I would not be left out, I would be a part
and celebrate too this affair of the heart
and make my own party.

I wanted a taste of all those good things,
so if I were to get neither flowers nor rings
I'd at least get fed.

I’d rather have meat than frosting and cake,
and gravy and such like if only they'd take
their doggoned eyes off it.

But there in the corner where they did not watch....
With cunning and guile did a plan start to hatch
to get what was coming to me.

There sat so inviting, so easy to take,
a marv’lous, delicious, delectable cake!
Oh, what kind of dog would just look?

Peering around I arose from my haunches,
fully determined to take all my chances
to go to bed full as anyone!

I stepped over calmly and circled the table
(acting as nonchalantly as able)
and took my position;

then picked up my front paws to daintily lick
that cake ‘til I knew I’d quit or be sick --
then gobbled as much as I could!

Ah! It’s a dog’s life!
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