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I worked at Area 51 on Alien Tech. Everything I know.
I graduated from University of Washington with a BA in aerospace engineering in 1997, went on to MIT and graduated in 2001 with a masters in Nuclear Physics. I was hired right out of school by Lockheed Martin and was subcontracted out to the Dept. of Naval Engieering at the Groom Lake Facility (Area 51) to work on a Top-Secret project in 2005. After signing multiple non-disclosure contracts I went to work on the Scorpio Project. The project involved incorporating alien weapons technology into practical uses as well as applying that tech to human-built saucers that we have reverse engineered.
Upon arriving I was briefed on the project by an air force Lt. Col. What I was told was that an alien species, known as the Greys, arrived in the early half of the 20th century from thier home world near Zeta Reticuli. Apperantly the world they came from used to be similar to Earth, however after hundreds of millenia of industry the planet is dying due to severe depletion of resouces, pollution and the system's increasingly unstable sun. Also, the gene pool of the Greys has grown stagnant and they have lost the ability to naturally reproduce. They set out to space in search of a new world and found it with Earth.

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